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Top 20 Custom Levels

I have currently played about 100 Custom Levels. I have reviewed about 80 of them. You can see all my reviews and the reviews of many others on www.laraslevelbase.org and www.trle.net.

Most of my reviews can also be seen here on this page. Generally Custom Levels with 3 stars are recommendable. The Levels with 4 stars are very good with excellent textures and/or objects, logical riddles and so on.

Level Ranking:

(These are my favourite Custom Levels, please keep in mind that it might not be very objective as it reflects my personal opinion which might be very different from yours. And of course only the levels I have played are listed.)

PlaceRatingLevel NameLevelbuilder
1Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire Rene Brooymans (Piega)
2Hidden Garden SeriesJon Heywood (Inchdix)
3Last CrusadeRene Brooymans (Piega)
4Deep in the JungleHokolo
5Mystery of EdenSweet 25
6TarragonaJosep Borrut
7The Lost ValleyJun Munakata
8The Lost City of PompejiMichael Allen
9Ynys WitrinMonika Pawlus
10Temple of TimeTomo
11Black PalaceRene Brooymans (Piega)
12Catacomb TowersRene Brooymans (Piega)
13Celtic FollyJon Heywood (Inchdix)
14More Ruins of the Ancientxyzzy
15Nethermore Castlemaxx
16Heathen TempleBlacksheep
17Sunset RuinsTrinh
18The OrdealAli Keskin (Gromble)
19The Flying TempleKerstin Schlott
20All Cats are GreyColin Grigson
21Base near the RuinsSakiel
22Shrine in a RavineCap.A
23Chiclayo CavesRogério Silva (Voodoo Killer)
25The CaveClaude Gross
26City at the Crocodile Lake6of9
27The Mansion6of9
28Under the DaylightXxenofex
29Alexanders MausoleumFrancesco Venco
30SnowboundPeter Tedstone (Stormchaser)