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Tomb Raider - Level Editor

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Important: Very often I get emails asking me about this and that concerning the Editor. I myself didn't spend much time with the editor yet, so I cannot really help you. All I can tell you, you can find on these pages. If you need more help you should visit In the Forum there are a lot of people who might be able to help.


What this site has to offer is mainly game help. In our Level Editor Forum you can ask questions about levels we've played or join in if we are currently playing something together.

How do I get the Editor?

  1. Originally the Level Editor came with Tomb Raider Chronicles. But this is not the case any more with the second edition. So getting a new copy of Chronicles might not help. Maybe you should try ebay.
  2. Furthermore there were DVD Versions of the first TR Movie which included the editor. Again there are now other versions available.
  3. There were also a couple of games magazines around the world that included a copy of the level editor.
  4. You can also download the Level Editor from