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Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Moves

ButtonPC PlayStation 2PSP
Up, Down, Left, RightW, S, A, Dleft Analog StickAnalog Stick
CameraMouseright Analog Stick 
WalkAltleft Analog Stick (lightly)Analog Stick (lightly)
SneakRleft Analog Stick (very lightly)Analog Stick (very lightly)
Shootleft MouseR1R
Combat Mode Toggleright MouseL1 
Display HUDJL2 
Manual GrabCtrlR2 
Manual AimZR3 (press right Analog Stick) 
Large MedipackBD-Pad Up 
Small MedipackVD-Pad Down 
Previous Weapon-D-Pad Left 
Next Weapon+D-Pad Right 

All Moves

RunningUp, Down, Left, RightTo run simply press in the direction you want to run into.
SneakingDirection and Sneak/Direction very lightlyWhen steering Lara with an analog controller, press the direction lightly. When using keyboard controls, you need to hold down the sneak button while moving.
Combat: Shake OpponentLeft/Right (also Up/Down)To break free from an enemy, you need to quickly move Lara back and forth.
Combat: DodgeRoll or Jump
When an opponent comes storming towards you after you angered him, the screen becomes blurry. Evade his attack by rolling or jumping aside, when the arrows light up in a corner of the screen - only when you have not turned off the hints.
Combat: Head ShotShootWhen you have just evaded an angry opponent with a dodge move, you can perform a head shot. Make sure the opponent ist still locked. (Hold the Combat Mode Toggle button.) When the red circle appears, shoot once.

special- and combined Moves

  • Cart Wheels (Video)
    Perform two rolls and then a jump and Lara will make a cart wheel.
  • horizontal bar acrobatics
    When swinging on a horizontal bar, quickly change the direction and press interaction once. Lara will then jump up and change the direction of her swinging.
  • Move faster
    Press interaction repeatedly to move faster. (Works with shimmying, climbing, on ropes and while swimming or diving...)
  • Dodge and Head Shot
    Dodge and Head Shot is one of the new move strings you need to master to beat the game, especially the bosses. You start off by shooting at the enemy, till he's enraged. Stop shooting but keep the enemy locked on. (There is a button for that, may be unnecessary if you picked the advanced hold combat mode.) Wait for the screen to blur and the arrows to appear in the corner of the screen, then quickly press a direction (left or right / forward when fighting Natla) and roll to dodge the attack. Pick the side where you have room to evade without being touched by the enemy. After a successful dodge, you can proceed to the head shot. Keep the enemy locked and wait for it to storm towards you. Circles will appear, wait for them to align and a big red circle to appear, then and only then shoot at the opponent. This will result in a successful head shot.
    (for a more detailed description for all bosses see: Enemies )

horizontal bars
shimmying along a wall
swan dive

The moves in Tomb Raider Anniversary are similar to the ones in Tomb Raider Legend. There will even be some new moves. Keeping Balance on a Pillar: Lara can now jump onto a pillar and keep her balance there, she can jump from there to another pillar. Running Along a Wall: With the help of her grapple Lara can run along walls.

"Wall run"
balancing on a pillar

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