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Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Locations

Imperial Hotel, Calcutta

Calcutta, India

At the beginning of our story Lara sits in the lobby ofthe Imperial Hotels in Calcutta, India. Larson approaches her and intruduces her to Jacqueline Natla, who has a job for her. She tells Lara that she's uncovered the lost city of Vilcabamba in Peru.
This location will only be seen in cut scene videos.

Cogwheel Mechanism


The first regular location Lara visits in Tomb Raider Anniversary is Peru, looking for the City of Stadt Vilcabamba.
Here she encounters bears, wolves, bats and even some dinosaurs (Velociraptors and a T-Rex) once she reaches the lost valley.

from the official site:
Locked behind giant stone doors lies the ancient city of Vilcabamba. Once the final hiding place of the Incans it's cavernous ruins are now the home to packs of wolves and savage bears. Find your way beyond its tunnel like paths to discover the Lost Valley, a lush ravine where dinosaurs still roam.


King Midas
Lara's next stop on her hunt for the scion is Greece, where she has to deal with four riddles from Greek mythology (Hephaestus, Poseidon, Atlas and Damocles). She will explore the ruins of a monastery, an amphitheatrum and a cistern.

from the official site:
A treacherous and vertiginous underground tunnel lies at the centre of these Greek ruins, with catacomb like rooms hosting fiendish challenges based upon the Greek gods Atlas, Haephestos, Damocles and Poseidon. Passing these is just the start; the ruins, coliseum, and ancient cisterns hide greater dangers.


a sphinx
Her search for the scion brings Lara to Egypt. Here she meets cat mummies, pumas and other hostile enemies.

from the official site:
Buried deep within these hidden Egyptian temple walls, lie secret chambers protected by wild animals and terrifying undead creatures. If you survive these and the rooms' deadly traps, prepare to uncover an immense Sphinx and scale the colossal statues of god-kings Anubis and Horus.

Surrey, England

Lara's Manor is located in Surrey, England. In Tomb Raider Anniversary the garden of the manor can be explored.

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