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Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Baddies

The baddies in this game will be bats, bears, raptors, T-Rex, crocodiles, mummies and more.

Regular Enemies


The bats appear in the Peru location. They are fairly easy to kill. Use the pistols.



The first boss you encounter is the T-Rex in Peru - The Lost Valley. He can be killed without use of the head shot but it is unwise not to practice it here as it will become necessary later on and it is easier to learn it now!
Other methods to beat the T-Rex are looking for a save spot (there are some around) and simply shooting him from there, or a long shooting war.
beating the T-Rex by Dodge and Head Shot
But as I said: let's do it right.
Start off by shooting at the huge dinosaur till it becomes enraged. It will roar and give you a moment in which to retreat a bit - I recommend positioning on the lighter spots on the ground, in front of the spiky-role-traps during this time - then it will come storming towards you. Keep it locked on! Wait for the screen to become blurry and freeze and the arrows to show up in the corner of the screen, then press LEFT or RIGHT and ROLL to evade. Still keep it locked on! Now wait, for the big red circle to appear and then SHOOT to perform a head shot.

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