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Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Demo

Collect two cog wheels and use them, then find a way into the lost valley. (Gaming Time: ~ 15 Minutes)

Finds & Enemies:

Additional Help:
If you need more help with this demo level, please pay a visit to our Help Forum. If you're having problems with the controls, please check out the moves manual.
Run ahead and you come to a set of steps leading down to the right. Below you will be attacked by two wolves. Shoot them, till they are dead. You might encounter the first "problem" here. Unlike before holding the button down won't suffice, you now have to tap the button quickly, each tap is a shot. Once the wolves are finished, run to the stone stairs left of the pool with waterfall. Pick up the Cog on the lowest stair. You could use it right away at the wall mechanism, however you will still need other pieces so we will continue and come to that later. In the pool you would also find a tunnel you can dive into, but as we will get into the water later anyway, there is no reason to get wet, yet. So climb the stairs. At the top face the gap in the wall and jump there. If you've chosen manual grab, you now need to press the corresponding button. Then jump up to the higher crevice. Shimmy around the corner to the left and pull up onto the stairs. Climb up onto the next level and pick up the Shotgun Ammo. Now hang from the right part of the next ledge. Shimmy to the right end and jump over to the next crevice. Shimmy twice around the corner to the right and until Lara places her feet against the wall. Jump up to the next ledge. Pull up. Climb up the two steps ahead. Then run to the right, upstream. At the end run through the tunnel and turn right. Jump straight across the river and pull up on the other side.

Here turn towards the right wall. Jump to the lower ledge and then up to the second. Jump backwards to the wooden board behind you and pull up. The ledge on the next wall seems tempting, but before you mount it, take our your guns and shoot at the ropes holding the wooden piece over on the left. If you are using manual Combat Mode, you have to manually aim at the rope. Otherwise simply shooting there will suffice. The board falls down, revealing a horizontal bar. Now hang from the ledge and shimmy around the corner to the left. Jump backwards to the horizontal bar and swing over to the other side. Pull up and run through the passage, to the right. At the end you'll need to use the grapple. Jump ahead and while in the air, throw the grapple towards the hook on the ceiling. Swing over to the wooden bridge. There jump up to the crevice of the pillar on the right, preferably around the left corner so you avoid shimmying over to the left. Jump up to the second gap and then to the top ledge. You cannot reach the path up on the left from down here. Turn right and jump across the gap to reach the other side. Pull up and enter the passage. Follow the passage and run across the wooden suspension bridge to come to a damaged cog wheel mechanism. Collect the single cog lying on the ground.

After collecting the cog wheel some bats will attack you. When they are finished, turn to the ropes of the suspension bridge. Shoot them. Looking over to the other side will reveal an opening in the wall just right of the part of the suspension bridge now resembling a rope-ladder. This is one of our next targets. Now face the rotating cogs on the left end. The turning wheel has a horizontal bar attached. Jump towards it and use it to swing to the ledge of the wooden remains in between the waterfall. Hold on and at the front side, jump up to the upper gap. Here shimmy around the corner to the right. Jump up to the top. There jump backwards to the ledge below the opening. Pull inside. Follow the passage to a lever. Activate it to open an underwater gate. This is located in the water just underneath. However you cannot get in there yet, due to the current.

Now it's time to get back to the now damaged suspension bridge we crossed to find the second cog. - The fastest way is the following: Run back to the other end of the current passage. Hang from the ledge and from it's right end (!) let go to grab the ledge below to the right. From here jump back to the opening on the other side. Enter the passage and run through to come to where the bridge was. - Hang backwards from the ledge and climb down the ladder. When the opening appears on the right, jump over there and pull inside. Follow the passage and you will find a Large Medipack and the Shotgun, in a chamber behind the waterfall.

Now jump into the water and let the current take you downstream and down the waterfall into the pool below. Resurface to catch some air.

Dive into the underwater tunnel just opposite the waterfall. Follow it to the end, to the right. Swim to the surface and climb out. Collect the small Medipack. Then dive back outside.

Climb out of the pool and fight against the three hungry wolves attacking you now. Then climb up the ladder on the right side of the pool. You come to the cogwheel mechanism. Place the first cog on the receptacle to the right of the lever. Then pull down the lever. The lower part of the wheel mechanism is set in motion.

Turn right. The small wheel just above your head has one horizontal bar protruding. Jump up to it and use it to swing to one of the two horizontal bars attached to the larger wheel. When the ladder is close, jump across. Climb up the ladder. At the top you'll find a second receptacle. Place the second cogwheel and pull the lever right of it. The upper part of the mechanism sets into motion too and will open a path to a spot where you could place a third cog, however we will need to collect it first.

Jump up to the ledge right of the lever. Jump across the gap to the right. Shimmy around the corner. At the right end, when Lara's feet are against the wall, jump up to the higher gap. From there continue to the wooden board behind you. The path ahead leads to the third part of the mechanism, but we don't have the cog yet. Turn around and face the gap in the wall left of the dangling rope. Jump there and shimmy to the right. When you have climbed around the corner twice you have to choices.

First we will get down. Shimmy to the right end and let go to grab the ledge of the opening below. (It might be necessary to press interaction to quickly grab the ledge before Lara'll let go.) Pull up into the alcove. Climb onto the wooden board opposite and collect the Large Medipack on the left. After collecting it, slide down the shoot to reach the cave's floor again. You have to climb the whole way up again till you are back at the ledge above the wall opening.

This time, instead of dropping down, jump up. From this upper ledge jump backwards towards the rope. Turn left until you face the crevice in the wall high above. Swing there and grab hold. Shimmy to the right and around the corner. From there jump towards the board above the entrance. Then let go to drop onto the wooden walkway. The grate on the right will fall down and open up another path to the top of the waterfall in this cave. But ignore this for now and instead enter the passage and climb up. Crawl through the narrow passage and drop down on the other side. Follow the passage.

By the Bear Hut

Sneak through, underneath the low ceiling. Once you enter the cave, a bear will attack, coming from the hut at the back. Shoot the bear. If you find that killing the bear is not as much fun, you might leave him or instead get him to follow you back to the entrance, sneak back and shoot him from the other side. - Nasty trick, but effective. The hut is of no further interest from down here. Climb up onto the rocks and wooden planks in the left corner before you come to the hut. Up there, face the wall ahead. Jump up to the board and again to reach the top stone ledge. From there either jump backwards to grab the platform behind or shimmy around the corner to the right. Collect the 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo on the higher board on the right.

Secret (Artifacts):
If you look towards the slope of wooden boards ahead, you will spot an opening in the wall underneath. This is our next target. On the left below you, on the wall is a crevice Lara can hold on to. To reach it, you have to jump onto the right part of the roof below. While sliding, jump to reach the crevice. (Image) Shimmy around the left corner and jump into the opening in the wall behind you. Pull up into it. Collect the artifact in here. Through the boards you can look into an adjacent chamber with a small medipack. We will reach this soon. Get back out and climb back to the spot where you found the Ammunition.

From there turn to face the corner where you cam up. Above you can spot a crevice in the wall. Jump there and shimmy around to the right. Alternatively you can climb up the first pillar. And jump backwards to the ridge. Jump up to the higher crevice. Jump back onto the top of the narrow pillar. Keep your balance and jump further to the second pillar. Then jump to the opening. Pull up, run out on the other side and slide down the ramp.

On the right is a low pillar. You can reach it's top either by climbing it, jumping onto the slope and jumping back or by jumping here after climbing the larger pole. From this smaller pole, you can jump into the opening. It will lead back to the previous chamber, but not only that. On the left is an opening. On the opposite wall are two ledges you can use to climb down. In this chamber you can collect a small Medipack. Collect it and climb back to the chamber with the low pillar.

Run further ahead.

On the step on the left you will find Shotgun Ammo. Now run out onto the wooden board and from there jump towards the slide. Slide down and jump to reach the gap in the wall ahead. From there jump over to the right to another board. Collect the Shotgun Ammo there. Then continue to jump towards the horizontal bar. Swing to the gap in the wall. Jump up and shimmy to the left to reach the next level.

At the top turn right. Jump to the crevice on the right and shimmy around the left corner. Jump towards the next crevice in the wall behind you. Shimmy to the right to the board with the large Medipack. Collect it after ridding yourself of the two bats that appeared.

Hang from the ledge. Let go and grab the ledge below. Let go again when above the entrance. It is likely that you need to secure your grip by pressing interaction. Pull into the opening. Collect the large Medipack. Now get back to the edge. Jump towards the gap opposite. Shimmy to the right and jump up one ledge and again to the top ledge. From its left end jump backwards and there up to reach the top again.

Climb up into the next opening and crawl through. Follow the passage to a wooden board at the end.

The floor will collapse underneath Lara's feet and she will slide down to the lost valley. Here she will be greeted by six Raptors coming in packs of three. Right at the start on the left is an elevated rock that might provide some distance from them. At the start on the right lies some 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo and at the nearby waterfall is a small Medipack. In an alcove on the left, where the first three raptors came from, lies a large Medipack. By the pair of waterfalls further along to the right lies another small Medipack. Once you killed all six Raptors, the T-Rex makes its appearance, ending the demo.

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