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Trophy/Achievement Guide

This guide should help you get all trophies / achievements. In the following texts I will be using the term trophies, as it is the shorter of the two. ;-)

Platinum Trophy

PS3 only. Achieve all other trophies.

True Survivor

"Unlock every Tomb Raider trophy."

Offline/Singleplayer Trophies


"Find 25% of all documents."
See No Stone Left Unturned.


"Find 75% of all documents."
See No Stone Left Unturned.

Relic Hunter

"Find 25% of all relics."
See No Stone Left Unturned.


"Find 75% of all relics."
See No Stone Left Unturned.

Looking for trouble

"Find 25% of all GPS caches."
See No Stone Left Unturned.

Bag Fall O'Cache

"Find 75% of all GPS caches."
See No Stone Left Unturned.

No Stone Left Unturned

"Find all documents, relics and GPS caches."
To achieve this, please refer to our Locations/Hubs Guide.
Breakdown by type:
  • 54 documents
  • 42 relics
  • 75 GPS caches (5 in Coastal Forest, 2 in Mountain Temple, 15 in Mountain Village, 2 in Base Approach, 2 in Mountain Base, 1 in Base Exterior, 15 in Shantytown, 5 in Geothermal Caverns, 5 in Summit Forest, 15 in Shipwreck Beach, 5 in Cliffside Bunker, 3 in Research Base)
Breakdown by location:


"Collect 5000 pieces of Salvage."
This should come naturally if you collect everything you find. Just break every crate, torch every bundle holding a crate, look for large chests and loot, loot, loot. You might want to consider using the "Advanced Salvaging" and/or "Bone Collector" Survivor Skills.


"Loot 200 enemies."
This should come naturally if you loot everyone. Just press the corresponding button (X on Xbox; Square on PS3) while standing over a fallen enemy. This will also help you get Scrouger.

Clever Girl

"Purchase all skills in one category."
There are three categories: Survivor (9), Hunter (8) and Brawler (7). See Lethal


"Purchase all skills in all category."
Just purchase all skills in all of the three categories:
  • 9 Skills in Survivor
  • 8 Skills in Hunter
  • 7 Skills in Brawler
You have to get a lot of XP to purchase all. I recommend using XP-boosting skills, like Survivalist (from the Survivor Skills), Accomplished Killer, Bow Expert, Pistol Expert, Rifle Expert or Shotgun Expert (from the Hunter Skills) early to gain more XP quickly.

Now We're Getting Serious

"Fully mod completely upgrade any weapon."
See The Professional

The Professional

"Fully mod completely upgrade all weapon."
By collecting all the salvage you can find and looting enemies, you will also get weapons parts which can be used to mod weapons at base camps. Upon entering a base camp after collecting all part, the mod will be performed automatically. All you have to do now is to upgrade the weapons. To do so, spent your salvage in the weapons menu. (Spending salvage will not keep you from getting Scrouger!)

Big Game Hunter

"Kill and loot 10 large animals (deer, boar, wolves)."
The important bit here is, that you not only kill these animals but also loot them afterwards. I suggest you kill at least one more deer after your first story-related kill in the Coastal Forest, then kill a few wolves in the second part of the Coastal Forest, then you're half-way there and can fill up with boar and more wolves and deer later throughout the game.

Tastes Like Chicken!

"Kill and loot 10 small animals (rabbits, chickens, rats)."
You will encounter your first rabbits right at the start of your hunter career, chickens can be found first in the Coastal Village and rats are most often encountered near the bases. Use your bow from a distance and focus on getting chickens and rabbits as they are easier to hunt than rats, who constantly run around.

Feather Duster

"Kill and loot 10 flying animals (crows and gulls)."
To get this trophy you do not have to shoot them in flight, as long as you hunt 10 birds and loot them afterwards, you will get the trophy. Crows are first encountered in the Coastal Forest, there are also plenty in the Summit Forest. Gulls can be found at Shipwreck Beach.

Sharp Shooter

"Perform 50 headshot kills in the single player campaign."
Simply aim at the opponents' heads. It will be displayed if you performed a headshot kill, obtain 50 and you're done.


"Kill 50 enemies with the bow."
Just use Lara's bow to kill 50 enemies. Simple as that.


"Kill 75 enemies with the rifle."
Just use the rifle until you've scored 75 kills.


"Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun."
Use the shotgun to kill 40 enemies.


"Kill 35 enemies with the pistol."
This can be done quickly, as you only have to kill 35. Sneak up on them and perform head shots so you don't have to waste too much time on the actual kill. Aim for their heads.

Epic Fumble

"Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when exploding."
This trophy is not that difficult. When you always try to shoot dynamite-wielding enemies before they can throw it, you will get two at once sooner or later. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I got it on both my PS3 run (hard) and my Xbox run (normal) without even trying. Note that you can also try to get the hidden tropy "Boom Goes the Dynamite" while trying Epic Fumble. Find a dynamite-wielding enemy and watch him. When he has another enemy nearby, try to kill him when he is holding the dynamite, ready to throw. He will then drop it and both might get caught.

Get Over Here!

"Rope pull 5 enemies off edges."
This will not come naturally, as this is a specific move you have to perform. You will first need to obtain the rope. Whenever you run into enemies standing on edges in front of a cliff (above you or on the opposite side) preferrably unaware, use your bow and instead of shooting an arrow, shoot the rope. (Please note that with this, as with any other "kill x" trophies, those you kill before dying and reloading do not count. If you die, you need to perform the specific action again and make it through the scene alive for the enemy to really count.)


"Kill 25 unaware enemies."
If you go about this game stealthily, you will get this quickly. Just use every opportunity you have to kill enemies that are unaware. If you also do is silently and not in the line of view of other enemies, it will save you a lot of trouble. And most often you will be able to kill the next one stealthily, too.

Down and Dirty

"Perform 15 finishers."
Once you have mastered the "Bow Expert", "Pistol Expert", "Rifle Expert", "Shotgun Expert" (Hunter) and "Dodge Kill Mastery" (Brawler) skills, you can perform a wide range of finishers. Once your enemy is sufficiently hurt or you have successfully evaded his melee attack, you are prompted to press the Melee/Finisher Button (PS3: Triangle, Xbox: Y). Do so to perform the finisher.


"Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines."
There are several spots in the game where Lara will be attacked by enemies using zip lines. Shoot 10 of them off (and get out alive afterwards for them to count) to get this trophy. Also killing them with a headshot while they are ziplining will dount as headshot kill and not towards Deadeye, so don't be too perfect either.
I recommend starting a new game (or try this during your normal playthrough right from the beginning). Whenever you reach an area with ziplining enemies, try to get them all. Reload the recent checkpoint if you fail on any of them. There aren't that many occasions for this trophy. And the first few are the easiest.
The bow is always a good weapon for this task. An alternative for fast sequences is the rifle. With the shotgun you might have the problem that the enemies are killed by the shot, rather than falling from the zipline. (Try at your own peril. My shotgun kills in Shantytown did not all count and I switched to the rifle.)
  • Base Exterior ("Cry for Help") - There are 2 ziplining enemies that come down from the second building. Get them both with your bow - they are also melee enemies and could be used for the "Former Adventurer" trophy, but there will be many more of those, so do not waste them. (Check out my walkthrough video at 23:05) Reload if you fail. Your game is saved after this scene, also remember not to die till your success has been saved.
  • Base Exterior ("Cry for Help") - Another 2 ziplining baddies are found at the main building. Once you climb onto the broad wall, wait for them to come sliding down and again finish them off using the bow. Reload if you fail. (Again check the video mentioned above at approx. 24:30 and after.)
  • Mountain Villge ("Guilty Conscience") - This is a single ziplining enemy and he is a little harder to get. If you fail, don't worry about it and simply use the next opportunities instead. When heading for Captain Jessop's smoke beacon, you will zipline down to a hut with three enemies, one of which will leave to get down to the plane, as he announces. Stay undetected from the two baddies that stay at the hut and use the bow to shoot the guy in the distance as soon as he sets off. Quite difficult shot and really not worth the trouble. ;-)
  • Shantytown - In the battle after obtaining the fire arrows, you will get the chance to shoot 2 baddies off ziplines. Although you have to repeat shooting the puddle and fight off quite a few baddies sneaking up on you from the side, I recommend, you try again, till you get them both. It will only get more difficult in the next scene. And you want this done quickly.
  • Shantytown - After you got separated from Grim, due to the damaged ladder, you will be heavily attacked. Fight through the first part, till one of the baddies sends down his comrades via the rope slide. (There is a checkpoint here.) This is your big moment to kill up to 6 sliding bastards. I recommend using this scene to finally get your trophy. The first two are relatively easy, the next two will come sliding down while everything explodes around you. Get a feeling for the scene and try to not get caught in the explosions and you should be able to get these two as well. As the scene is quite stressful you might want to trade your bow for the rifle.
  • Gondola Transport - There are several ziplining enemies during the gondola transport scene, but they are a lot tougher to get than the previous targets.
  • Mountain Village (replay) - Sometimes you will come accross ziplining enemies while revisiting the Mountain Village section, near the waterfalls.

Former Adventurer

"Incpacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter."
Please note that if you have upgraded the "Dodge Kill" upgrade (a Tier III upgrade from the "Brawler" tree) and perform a direct finisher (one of the finishers from Tier III upgraded in the "Hunter Upgrades" skill tree) it will not count as incapacitating. I suggest you go for this trophy before unlocking any of these Tier III skills ("Dodge Kill", "Dodge Kill Mastery", "Bow Expert", "Pistol Expert", "Rifle Expert" or "Shotgun Expert"), as it makes life easier.

You however need to have the skill "Dodge Counter" (a Tier II upgrade in the "Brawler" tree) unlocked. Then simply find an enemy that uses melee attacks (almost all enemies do, but the ones who carry guns can not be bothered with melee most times and will shoot you at close range instead), once you have found an enemy, wait for him to swing his weapon and evade (remember the spot in Coastal Forest where you were taught scramble to evade, do that; PS3: Square, Xbox: X). Then you will be promted to press the melee button (PlayStation: Triangle, Xbox: Y) to attack with a counter. Wait for the right moment to hit the button. (If you have upgraded the finisher skills, do not wait till the perfect moment, but hit it just a tiny little bit earlier, otherwise Lara will perform a finisher and it will count as such and not as counter.) You have to hit the knee to make the enemy stumble, not the head to kill him. Judge from the animation Lara performs if it counted towards the trophy. Please note that if you hit the knee, the enemy is down and you are prompted to perform a finisher, you may now do so and earn a kill towards the "Down and Dirty" trophy. After hitting the knee it will also have counted towards "Former Adventurer".

One Smart Cookie

"Complete on optional tomb."
See Intellectually Superior

Intellectually Superior

"Complete all optional tombs."
Simply find all the tombs and completet them to find their treasures. You do not have to complete downloaded tombs (like "Tomb of the Lost Adventurer).
Tombs you have to complete:
  • Tomb of the Unworthy (Mountain Village)
  • ...

Unfinished Business

"Complete one challenge."
See Inconceivable!


"Complete all challenges."
In each of the hubs there are one or two challenges to fufil. Fulfil them all to get the trophy.
  • Ghost Hunter (Coastal Forest) - Shoot 10 totems.
  • Pyromaniac (Mountain Temple) - Shoot 5 glass lanterns.
  • Non-Believer (Mountain Base) - Burn 5 flags.
  • ...

A Survivor Is Born

"Complete the game."
Simply finish the story mode.

Secret (Hidden) Trophies

Boom Goes the Dynamite

"Shoot a bundle of dynamite out of the air." You can try to get this while also trying Epic Fumble. Find a dynamite-wielding enemy and watch him. When he has another enemy nearby, try to kill him when he is holding the dynamite, ready to throw. He will then drop it and both might get caught. If he is alone, aim high above him and wait for him to throw the dynamite. Shoot at the flying bundle to detonate it in the air. Try to find the flight curve of the dynamite, it might take a little practice. Use the rifle and you should not have any problems to hit it quickly. (Upgrade your weapon if you are having trouble.)

Crab Cakes

"Kill FeeFee the crab." Simply find and kill one of the crabs at Shipwreck Beach for this trophy.


"Complete all conversations with the Endurance crew." Whenever you meet one of the Endurance crew, talk to them. (PS3: Square; Xbox: X) There are several points throughout the game where you need to make conversation, just don't miss any. (We will be compiling a complete list with the levelname and the dialog you can then use as a checklist.)

  • "At an Impasse": Whitman (4) After the first cutscene at the gate, before collecting 50 pieces of salvage, talk with Whitman, who is examining the door, four times.
    • There's something really interesting...
    • What do you make of these...
    • This could be a sign...
    • I'll continue examining this...
  • "At an Impasse": Whitman (4) After collecting 50 or more pieces of salvage, but before upgrading the axe at the camp site, talk to Whitman again four times.
    • Back so soon?
    • Lara, I think this symbology is legitamate...
    • Amaterasu?...
    • We can't know for certain...
    (It seems that one of these conversations is optional, so do not fret if you missed one of the Whitman talks.)
  • "Cry for Help": Roth Talk to Roth after getting the pack from the wolf den.
  • "Guilty Conscience": Roth Talk to Roth after escaping the crashing plane.

  • Sam - When getting to the beach for the first time, talk to Sam 3 times.
  • Jonah - When getting to the beach for the first time, talk to Jonah 3 times.
  • Reyes - When getting to the beach for the first time, talk to Reyes 3 times.

  • Jonah - When returning with the pulley, talk to Jonah 4 times.
  • Sam - When returning with the pulley, talk to Sam 3 times.
  • Whitman - When returning with the pulley, talk to Whitman 2 times.
  • Reyes - When returning with the pulley, talk to Reyes.

  • Jonah - When returning from the Endurance, talk to Jonah 3 times.
  • Whitman - When returning from the Endurance, talk to Whitman 3 times.
  • Reyes - When returning from the Endurance, talk to Reyes 3 times.

Online/Multiplayer Tropies

coming soon...
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