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Research Base

This is the Research Base side-quest guide, it will tell you where to find all camps, documents, relics, GPS caches, optional tombs, treasure maps, and challenges.

Camps (1)

There is only one base camp in the Research Base.
  • Research Lab

Documents (3)

Relics (2)

  • Ceremonial Helmet - From the base camp climb up and at the top sneak through the gap. Wade around the corner to reach a climb wall. Ignore it and instead destroy the wall with the grenade launcher. Pull up and look up to the left where you need another grenade. Climb up and find the Helmet relic. 53N 712458 UTM 3416047
  • When exiting the elevator on the first floor, head into the adjacent chamber and step through to the right. Turn right and search behind the crates. 53N 712441 UTM 3416049

GPS Caches (3)

Please note that the caches do not have names, the names listed here were picked by us, as a gag. The numbers behind it are difficulty and terrain ratings like is customary for geocaches in the real world, again picked by us.

Treasure Maps (1)

Challenge: Sun Killer (5)

The Sun Killer challenge requires you to shoot 5 totems.-->
  1. When coming from the base camp, get into the passage with the water. Once you reach the first corpse, turn around and look up to the ceiling. 53N 712459 UTM 3416049
  2. When climbing down towards the camp, look up to the ceiling at the very top, behind the light bulb, on the left. Stand at 53N 712450 UTM 3416051, the totem is at approx. 53N 712454 UTM 3416052
  3. In the elevator shaft, once it's fallen down and you've reached level on, turn right immediately upon exiting the elevator. It's up there, not difficult to spot. Near 53N 712445 UTM 3416050
  4. When exiting the elevator on the first floor, head into the adjacent chamber and step through to the right. Behind the fence ahead is the next sun totem. Near 53N 712440 UTM 3416049
  5. Stand in the door you can open near the base camp. Look into the opening opposite the flooded passage. The sun is up there. Stand at 53N 712458 UTM 3416050 and look south-east.

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