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Mountain Base

This is the Mountain Base side-quest guide, it will tell you where to find all camps, documents, relics, GPS caches, optional tombs, treasure maps, and challenges.

Camps (1)

The Mountain Base has just one base camp.
  • Map Room - This is the only base camp, or overall camp in the Mountain Base. It is located in the map room, the main room where Lara is attacked by quite a few baddies. It is on the upper level. 53N 712564 UTM 3416263

Documents (3)

  • The Best Job Get out of the water from the beginning and find the Confessions of a Solarii document on the table ahead.

GPS Caches (2)

Please note that the caches do not have names, the names listed here were picked by us, as a gag. The numbers behind it are difficulty and terain ratings like is customary for geocaches in the real world, again picked by us.
  • No One Leaves (3/1) Head from the map room, where the base camp is on the upper level, up the eight steps into a little controll room. (This is from where you enter when in the story mission.) Just behind the door someone has scribbled "Brotherhood of the Sun" on the wall. There is also a wooden crate with a plane painted on it, and the words "no one leaves". The Cache is on the right of this crate, hidden behind a little box, amidst the can and bottle junk.

Challenge: Non-Believer (5)

The Non-Believer challenge requires you to destroy 5 banners by burning them.
  1. The first banner is in the room opposite the staircase leading up.
  2. The second banner is found in the chamber where you first find the glass lanterns you have to throw though the opening to kill the baddy on the other side of the grate. It is the chamber with the strange generators. It is just right of the opening up in the wall.
  3. Another banner is in the third part of the generator room where you cause the explosion, it is on the right wall when heading towards the map room. If you have difficulties finding it, get back to the stairs you came up at the beginning and get inside though the now opened door, the banner should be approximately opposite. Slightly to the left.

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