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Just Keep Moving (Exit the Forest and Regroup with Roth)

  • Find a Way out of the Forest
  • Explore the Bunker
  • Exit the Bunker
  • Investigate the Strange Voices
  • Survive the Wolf Attack
  • Catch up with Whitman

Please refer to the Coastal Forest Sidequest Guide.

More Help:
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Side Quests (can be skipped)

Before we continue our journey, you can use the time to collect 3+ GPS Caches, 1+ document and shoot 5 totems for the "Ghost Hunter" challenge throughout this first part of the Coastal Forest. You can also collect more arrows and earn some XP by finding 2+ plants or hunting deer, rabbits or crows, none of which pose a danger to you.

So let's start from the base camp. The first item on our list is a totem which we have to shoot to start the first challenge. Turn around and instead of getting back down into the forest, crawl underneath the outcrop to the other side. There look out into the forest to spy a totem #1 dangling from a tree branch or the rightmost tree. Use your newly acquired bow to shoot it (10XP). The challenge Ghost Hunter has now been started and you need to find 9 more totems to complete it. Return to the base camp and head back down into the forest. On your way down you can spot something blinking on a ledge up on the right, but you cannot reach it from here. When you meet the stream, cross to the other side and turn immediately right, to where the dead hunter lies. Dangling from the other branch, the one you did not stand on, is the next totem #2 (10XP). Directly behind it you find the tipped truck. Head to its back and enter it to find the first document Soldier: Oni Stalkers (25XP). Get back to the stream and head up a little to a spot opposite the front of the jeep. Here you can climb up. Follow the path to the end and jump to the next ledge. Here use wall scramble to get up to the right. Besides some arrows, you can find your first GPS Cache #1 (5XP) here. Return to the stream. Follow the bend to the right, instead of the path on the left. At the next left-bend, just before the little waterfall, run towards the rock with the wooden railings on the right side. Jump up there to find another GPS Cache #2 (5XP) near a set of arrows. Climb down on the other side. Step out a little and look to the tree on your right. Dangling there is the next totem #3 (10XP). Now run over to the right, to where the totem was and around the corner. There look for two large rock formations between which a passage has formed. The next totem #4 (10XP) dangles from the left end of the left, higher rock. Then turn around and get back to the stream to find the step where a little waterfall has formed. Below it lies another GPS Cache #3 (5XP). The final totem #5 (10XP), that can be found in this part of the forest, is found if you head up the little part on the left if looking downstream from the waterfall. It is attached to the rock on the right, just underneath the fallen tree spanning across the gap. Atop the left rock you can see a crate with salvage, you can not open it yet, however. To get up there and collect the arrows instead, head over to the right and climb the right rock from the side. And finally, if you want a little more XP, head downstream for a plant. When you come past the arrows, run straight ahead. There you can find a plant (20XP) to your right, which can be collected. Another plant (20XP) can be found if you continue to the right into the westernmost corner of the southern forest part.

Find a Way out of the Forest

Once you are done collecting whatever you'd like to collect, return to the bunker near the waterfall. You will find its door open. Head through and towards the opening in the floor. As the door slams shut behind you, you've got no choice.

Explore the Bunker

Drop down towards the ladder and climb down. Drop down the last bit. Head into the water-filled tunnel and wade through it to the other side. In the chamber at the top, use your torch to burn a way through the barricade on the left side. Step through to find the Pry Axe.

Exit the Bunker

You can now either practice on the nearby door, or head back out where you burned the rubble.

Before you pry open the next door, you can find a box with the first relic inside on the table on the right. Inside is the Hannya Mask (25XP), one of the Noh Masks. (Note that this relic can be examined, as is indicated by the magnifying glass. When you look at the inside of it, Lara will make a discovery. - Click on the name of the relic in this walkthrough, if you want more information.)

XP and Salvage:
Open the little box on the floor on the left to find food and gain (10XP - 20 with Survivalist). You can also gain your first salvage (10) if you head back the way you came, wall scramble up to the ladder, climb back up, use the axe to pry open the closed bunker door and then find your way atop the rock with the salvage crate I mentioned earlier (near totem #5).

Pry open the next door. Head down into the next water passage. In the chamber at the end, scramble up the right wall to reach the ladder which allows you to exit the underground area.

Investigate the Strange Voices

Head outside and follow the path to find Sam and Mathias.

Survive the Wolf Attack

After the cutscene a little action packed sequence follows in which you have to quickly shoot three wolves jumping out of the bushes. Keep a close eye on the movement of the greenery. If it shakes wildly and birds fly up, a wolf is about to emerge. Aim for their head and dispose of them quickly. The first wolf comes out on the right side, the second wolf comes out on the left, and the third wolf comes out on the right again. Afterwards the other Endurance crewmembers arrive.

Catch Up With Whitman

You are now a the Forest Ruins base camp.

Document: On the nearby table you can find the second document, Sam: Family Story (25XP).

Now set off from the base camp, towards the north and down the stairs. Follow the lit path on the left and cross the bridge. You will most likely be attacked by two wolves. Fight them off. Continue uphill, along the path and run through the arches to reach the large gate where Whitman is waiting.

Lara's journey continues in At an Impasse.

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