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Geothermal Caverns

This is the Geothermal Caverns side-quest guide, it will tell you where to find all camps, documents, relics, GPS caches, optional tombs, treasure maps, and challenges.

Camps (2)

  • The Pit - This is a day camp and the first camp Lara reaches. 53N 712654 UTM 3416053
  • Catacombs - This base camp is found after heading up a long set of stairs, after leaving the main cavern through a door opened by a gas explosion. 53N 712631 UTM 3415939

Documents (3)

  • At the day camp. 53N 712673 UTM 3416016
  • Reyes: Dear Alisha - This lies where the two guards sat playing their game, in the passage just after exiting the main cavern. 53N 712704 UTM 3416013
  • Lost - In the Gathering Chamber on the left side of the steps in front of the burning altar with the sacrifice you will find this piece of the "Diaries of a Madman". 53N 712691 UTM 3416032

Relics (3)

  • Funeral Fan - Find the elevated alcove in the middle of the main cave. It's approximately opposite the stairs you come down. 53N 712684 UTM 3416016
  • Wedding Fan - This relic, part of the Ceremonial Fans, is found at the Catacombs base camp. It is in its box on top of a wooden crate decorated like an altar. 53N 712704 UTM 3416006
  • Inscribed Silk Fan - In the gathering chamber head into the passage behind the burning altar (from the left of the altar) to find this relic. 53N 712690 UTM 3416036

GPS Caches (5)

Please note that the caches do not have names, the names listed here were picked by us, as a gag. The numbers behind it are difficulty and terrain ratings like is customary for geocaches in the real world, again picked by us.
  • When you've come down the stairs, into the main cave, turn left and look for the second passage, that's the one where you have to ignite the gas. Follow it to the end and there climb up to the cache. 53N 712674 UTM 3416009
  • From the stairs, run either left or right and find the passage with all the cages holding loonies. The cache lies on the ground on the side with the cells. 53N 712680 UTM 3416021
  • After getting through the door opened with the gas explosion in the main cave, you have a run in with two to three Solarii. The cache lies over on the right, where there is also a good hiding spot. 53N 712696 UTM 3416009
  • After climbing over the large crate to reach the walkways above a passage, just before using the axe to climb the steep wall, get down into the passage. Close to the climbable wall is the next cache. 53N 712705 UTM 3416029
  • From the gathering chamber head up the stairs, explore the alcove on the left where there is a gas vent. On the left you can find the next cache. 53N 712690 UTM 3416024

Treasure Maps (1)

  • Where you cause an explosion to send down the giant red crate, climb up the scaffolding where the crate came from. That's easily done on the side. If Lara stops climbing just jump up. The map lies on a bench. 53N 712708 UTM 3416012

Challenge: Firestarter (6)

The Firestarter challenge requires you to burn 6 sacks dangling from the ceiling.
  1. This sack is simply on the roof in the main chamber. To find it more easily, come down the stairs from the start, head over to the opposite side, where there is a relic in the upper alcove. Turn around and shoot the sack from there. Stand at 53N 712684 UTM 3416016, the sack is at 53N 712686 UTM 3416011
  2. From where you enter the main cavern head over to the left. Step into the second passage, the one you have to clear by shooting a fire arrow into the gas. Head all the way through and climb up. Turn around and shoot a fire arrow in the alcove above the passage to destroy the sack there. 53N 712677 UTM 3416011
  3. In the main cavern, step inside the passage with the cells by going along to the right, shortly after the grate, by the first lightbulb, look up to the ceiling when in the middle part to spot the sack. 53N 712685 UTM 3416021
  4. In the passage where three baddies meet, the one after you used the giant red crate to climb up onto the walkway above them, head over to the door you bypassed. The sack is dangling above it. 53N 712707 UTM 3416019
  5. Before heading up the climbable wall with your axe, turn to the other side of the passage and look up for another sack. 53N 712706 UTM 3416027
  6. In the chamber where the Solarii are gathered, upon entering and meeting the single guard, look up for the sack. 53N 712697 UTM 3416031

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