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Cliffside Bunker

This is the Cliffside Bunker side-quest guide, it will tell you where to find all camps, documents, relics, GPS caches, optional tombs, treasure maps, and challenges.


This location has no base camp. To get here you need to travel to Shipwreck Beach and head here on foot.
  • Bunker Vista 53N 712535 UTM 3415899
  • Endurance Overlook



  • Portuguese Tin Coin - In the large overgrown chamber with the many levels, upon entering run to the north-eastern side and turn to face the left. If you look up a bit, you can spot a door with a rope attached. Use a rope arrow to pull it open. Jump from the crate left of the door into the opening. The "Ancient Coins" relic is on a table on the right. 53N 712567 UTM 3415929
  • From the Endurance Overlook day camp, head in the passage behind the truck. Look on the ground on the left side. 53N 712571 UTM 3415931

GPS Caches

Please note that the caches do not have names, the names listed here were picked by us, as a gag. The numbers behind it are difficulty and terrain ratings like is customary for geocaches in the real world, again picked by us.
  • Before using the final death slide to reach the Endurance, head around the edge of the rock to the left. The cache lies in the corner. 53N 712568 UTM 3415914

Treasure Map

Challenge: Previous Inhabitants (4)

The Previous Inhabitants challenge requires you to burn 4 Flags.
  1. From the day camp use the death slide to reach the climbable wall. Climb along till you reach the inside, the banner is on the wall left of the crack in the wall through which you continue. 53N 712559 UTM 3415925 You can use the torch.
  2. In the large overgrown chamber with the many levels, upon entering run to the north-eastern side and turn around. Stand at 53N 712565 UTM 3415931. The flag is up on the wall above at approx. 53N 712563 UTM 3415928. Use fire arrows.
  3. On the roof of the large overgrown chamber. When you've reached the roof via the dangling platform, turn around and look at the nort-western wall for this flag. 53N 712562 UTM 3415931
  4. From the Endurance Overlook day camp turn towards the large crane. The flag is at the tower of the crane, below where the yellow scaffold starts. Shoot it with an arrow from approx. 53N 712566 UTM 3415925

Additional Ammo, XP and Salvage


  • There is a box with grenades inside the large chamber at 53N 712568 UTM 3415933

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