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Base Approach

This is the Base Approach side-quest guide, it will tell you where to find all camps, documents, relics, GPS caches, optional tombs, treasure maps, and challenges.

Camps (1)

The Base Approach location has just one base camp.
  • Broken Tunnel

Relics (2)

  • Bronze Chinese Coin - This relic lies next to the Broken Tunnel base camp. 53N 712465 UTM 3416227
  • Bronze Japanese Coin - After entering the building and heading up the stairs, don't step out into the passage yet, but instead explore the walkway above the stairs for this relic.

GPS Caches (2)

Please note that the caches do not have names, the names listed here were picked by us, as a gag. The numbers behind it are difficulty and terrain ratings like is customary for geocaches in the real world, again picked by us.
  • From the Broken Tunnel base camp run towards the jeep and explore the right side.
  • Where you jump across from one building to the next, instead of wall scrambling up ahead, head around to the left and find the cache at the end.

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
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