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At an Impasse (Find a Way Through the Large Gate)

  • Collect Salvage to Upgrade the Axe
  • Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe
  • Open the Large Gate

Please refer to the Coastal Forest Sidequest Guide.

More Help:
If you need more help with this level, please ask in the Forum.

Collect Salvage to Upgrade the Axe

When trying to open the gate you discover that your axe has to be reinforced. In order to do so, you need to upgrade it using collected salvage. You need to collect 50 pieces of salvage.

Talk with Whitman (1)
But before we do so, take the time to talk to Whitman 4 times to get a little more information on the symbols on the gate and to get the achievement/trophy in the end. This has to be done before collecting enough salvage for an upgrade.

As salvage comes in large numbers, you do not need to find more than 5 boxes. This shouldn't be a problem as there is a lot to be found throughout the area. If you're having trouble, please refer to the Coastal Forest guide. Be careful while collecting salvage, you might get attacked by more wolves who always come in twos.

Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe

Once you have collected enough salvage, it's time to upgrade.

Talk with Whitman (2)
But, once again, before we do that, return to Whitman and again talk to him 4 times. This is done after collecting enough salvage material, but before performing the upgrade on the axe.

Now get to the day camp "The Gate", which is located just left of the large gate. Get the "Strengthen" upgrade for the axe. You see a larger crate just by the day camp, this can now be pried open with the strengthened axe. There are more of those around and they contain a lot of salvage material.

Side Quests (can be skipped)

If you'd like to do a little exploration, now would be a great time. Check out the Coastal Forest guide.

Open the Large Gate

If you're done collecting everything, just return to the gate. Step to the left wheel and turn it using your axe and the gate opens.

Lara's journey continues in Mountain Rendezvous.

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