Tuesday, 26. January 2021    

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Tomb Raider Underworld Settings: Player Tailoring

A new feature, the player tailoring, allows you to choose between multiple difficulty settings for Tomb Raider Underworld. To learn more you also might want to read Eric's blog entry on the subject.

    • reticule appearance on enemies during combat
    • helper button appearance
    • training panel appearance, explaining new mechanics

    • Enemy Health
      The first item you can customize is "Enemy Health". It determins how much damage dealt by Lara kills them.
    • Ammunition Capacity
      Determins how much ammunition Lara can carry.
    • Damage to Lara
      Determins how easily Lara is hurt.
    • Time for Saving Graps
      Determins how fast you have to act when losing grip.

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