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Tomb Raider Underworld Demo

The following article was written by Catracoth.

Lara Croft has returned in Tomb Raider Underworld, the first sequel in Tomb Raider history, continuing where Tomb Raider Legend left off. In this epic adventure, and the appropriate word is indeed 'epic', Lara is searching for Mjolnir, the Norse god Thor's hammer. It's somehow connected to Avalon, the mythical place where Lara's mother Amelia is being held. Finding out fairly early on, Amelia is trapped in what is called Helheim, which is actually Avalon and Xibalba - the same place. In the Xbox 360 demo of Tomb Raider Underworld, we get a taste of the Thailand level, the second level in the game. Lara's already got some clues that lead to purer meaning to where she can find her mother. The demo, featuring Coastal Thailand, the first part of the level, Lara is looking for signs that her Father explored the site before she did. Before the demo begins, you're optioned to tweak the settings to your liking, audio/visual and game that is (subtitles, language, etc.). When the demo begins, you find Lara looking through her camera, looking for a way up to the top of the current ruins. She comments on her sights.

"None of the ruins are visible from down here. And if Father did explore this site, I see no sign of it yet".

Zip sucks his teeth. "I still don't see how Thailand is connected to Vikings, or ruins under the Med or hell, even Avalon for that matter".

"Helheim, Zip", Lara corrected, "Various myths use different names, but they all apply to the same remnants of the ancient world".

"One of those remnants are still alive", Alister said, "I would hate to be Amanda if Natla ever gets free".

"Psh, I'd had to be any of us", Zip replied.

Lara turned the laptop chat off and the gameplay begins. You get a marvellous sight of the explorable water with some dangers beneath the surface. A few sharks lurk about below, but if you don't bother them, they don't bother you...unless you hang about for too long. Kill them or not, you continue to the shore to start your adventure. Note that from the start, Player Tailoring is available and the results are fantastic. Also, if you go to Lara's PDA, you can see the 3D Sonar Map, and her weapon inventory where from the start, the Submachine Guns, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Tranquilizer Gun, and Speargun are available for use, but Lara may only equip one secondary gun along with her dual pistols at a time.

After showing some new features like Lara's gymnastic stunts and new freeclimbing, wall jumping, balancing, sprinting, melee fighting, and more, she finds what she's looking for. Fighting some spiders, tigers, and spotting a few quick climbing Nagas along the way (if you look quick enough, you can see the Nagas or giant lizards climbing up the temple).

The cutscene shows when Lara is recording and talking to her camera. No one knew what she said into it until now. She says, "The characters are Vedic Sanskrit. They’re severely weathered... ”Bhogavati, of the seventh...”. It must be referring to the capital of Patala, the lowest infernal world in Hindu tradition. It’s a netherworld populated by snake-people, although the enlightened one, Narada, spoke rather fondly of it."

Making her way to the edge, she looks down at the statue, "That’s Shiva on top and his mistress Kali is down below".

After solving a puzzle, Lara presses the lever on the ancient "elevator" to bring her downward, and it goes crashing down. The demo ends. However, I noticed and heard the adrenaline mode activate, and a ledge to the right, and Lara began to jump, so no doubt you jump to the ledge and continue onward. However, the demo is far longer than it seems, especially if it's your first playthrough. I was taking my time, sight seeing, and it took me about fifteen minutes to get through the demo - not to mention the deep thinking you need to do to manuver through the level.

The first part of the Coastal Thailand level is called "Remnants".

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