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Peru - Return to Paraiso (Past)

(Tomb Raider Legend Walkthrough Version 1.0; April 2006)


1st Section

You are now standing in Lara's past. She's wearing the green classic outfit. In the inventory you now have red flares, no pls, no magnetic grapple, no binoculars and no guns. To throw a flare you use the same button as for throwing grenades - check your settings in the option menu, when in doubt, it's R2 on the PS2. Make a dive roll through the opening. Then slide down the slope. Around the left corner you will come to a den. Throw a flare to light it up. Jump up to the bar on the ceiling and climb to the other side. When you run up to the left at the next crossing, the ceiling there will collapse. Run down to the right and dive under the gate into the chamber.

2nd Section

Here you will find Sarah lying dead on the floor. Push the crate standing next to her onto the pressure pad of the trap. Push it to the right so you can reach the spear sticking out above. Jump to it and swing to the platform above.

Secret 6/11:
On the right you can pick up the Bronze Reward #5.

Turn towards the stone face. Jump to reach the ledge underneath and shimmy to the left. At the end jump towards the elevation.

3rd Section

Drop down on the other side. Here the next adventurer is lying on the floor. Run over to the other side, where you can speak to Kent. Grab the globe and roll it away from the trigger pad, to deactivate the trap. Then run back to the other side and climb onto the platform on the right. From there jump towards the rope. Let me remind you: When Lara looks towards the rope, it is certain, that she'll make the jump. Climb up a bit and then swing towards the platform above Kent.

4th Section

After the short cutscene another interactive sequence follows. A blue symbol showing a jumping Lara is shown. (See interactive Sequences for more information.) Run ahead and jump over the rocks blocking the path. At the end you jump towards the rope. It doesn't really matter if you grab it or miss. The creature will disappear in the wall.

5th Section

Climb in this chamber onto the elevation on the left. Here you'll find a stone globe. Push it down the hill. Then push it onto the trigger pad to activate the traps. Then again climb onto the platform where you found the globe. Turn around and jump to the higher platform. Amanda will show up behind the bars. Continue to jump towards the extended spear (that's why we pushed the sphere onto the trigger). Swing at the spear and jump towards the rope. Then swing to the next platform.

Secret 7/11:
On the right you can find the next Bronze Reward #6.

6th Section

Step through the doorway. Follow the passage. On the right you will come to another pit, this time it's filled with spikes. Use the bar on the ceiling to climb to the other side. Step into the chamber to learn what happened to Amanda back then.
(The level continues back in the present on the next Page.)

Secrets (in this part): 2 (0/1 Gold Reward, 0/2 Silver Rewards, 2/8 Bronze Rewards)

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