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Tomb Raider Legend Outfits

There are 33 new Outfits in Tomb Raider Legend.

Basic (Lara's standard outfits during the adventure)

Legend (also: Standard Expedition Gear)

(first image)
Lara's standard expedition gear is comfortable and practical for most situation and environments. It's constructed of the highest quality materials for durability under harsh conditions.
alternative: Union Jack, Blue, Pink
worn in: Bolivia, Peru, Ghana

Classic (also: Standard Outfit)

(second image)
Back on popular deman. Lara's basic outfit as we know it from the previous games.
alternative: Gray
worn in: Peru

Evening Dress

(third image)
An unexpected development requires Lara to shed her utilitatian field garb and dress for an even more dangerous situation -- a formal corporate party. Every situation demands special attire, and her sleek cocktail dress (a gift from a famous Italian designer she discretely refuses to name) is the perfect choice for the setting. It restricts her behaviour to what's appropriate for proper social gatherings, of course -- affording no place to hide gear or weapons -- but if the situation turns violent or physical, she has hidden assets that are more than up to the challenge.
alternative: Ripped, Red
worn in: Japan

Winter (also: Cold Weather Gear)

(fourth image)
Clothing is as important to Lara as any gear she might carry, and in the colder climes of the world, nothing beats a heavy but stylish parka (though she's never been fond of hoods unless absolutely necessary). But temperature can be a fickle thing, so she usually tries to dress in layers to adapt to her ever-changing circumstances.
worn in: Kazakstan, Nepal

Winter, No Coat (also: Blue Jumper)

(sixth image)
This outfits consists of grey-brown trousers and a blue jumper with white collar.
worn in: Kazakstan

Biker (also: Ducati Motorbike Wear)

This is Lara's motorbike outfit.
worn in: England

All Outfits (including unlockables)

Further there is the long evening dress Lara wears in Japan in cannot be picked ingame.
Here is a complete overview of all outfits.

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