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Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek (Motorbike Chase)

(Tomb Raider Legend Walkthrough Version 1.0; April 2006)

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1st Section

Once more you are sitting on a motorbike and find yourself pursuing the train to the secret base. Drive along the platform, till it ends. Then you have to chase through the snowy landscape. You have to shoot, ram or blow up the enemies appearing in your way. You should not slow down too much or you might lose the train. After a while the train will go through a tunnel and they will decouple some of the cars, which will block the tunnel. You have to drive to the right.

2nd Section

You have now lost sight of the train. But nevertheless drive ahead and through the mountain paths. Where the paths separate you can pick the right path to collect a medipack. If you have three already, I recommend staying on the left path. At the second intersection you can again pick one of the paths. At the third you have to drive up to the left. Behind that, on the right you can find another medipack, while there is an explosive barrel on the left.

3rd Section

There are two medipacks on your way and after that you will return to the train. In this next section you just have to follow the path again and have to kill all the guys on motorbikes, as well as the ones in the SUVs, that appear. Some time three SUVs will appear at once and after that you will leave the tracks again.

4th Section

After a couple of turns you'll have to speed over a wooden bridge to the left, to jump over the train. Shortly after you have to do the same again to get back to the right side of the train. In this section you have to be very very careful, that you are fast enough and don't lose the train. The last jump have to be correct. You will speed up a mountain path right of the train and then you'll have to jump onto the lower cars of the train, and not get caught in one of the gaps between cars. Drive ahead, on the train, till Lara parks the bike. She will then climb onto the locomotive for the next video.

Secrets: 1 Gold Reward, 3 Silver Rewards, 5 Bronze Rewards
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