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Tomb Raider Legend


The PDA will serve as inventory. Lara keeps important notes in her PDA. She can also have a look at the equipment she carries there.


Via her headset Lara can contact her friends (Zip and Alister) back home.
Lara's hi-tech, advanced eyes and ears. Her headset keeps her in tough with Zip and Alister back at the Mansion and allows them to see what she sees and communicate with her.


In Legend Lara carries state of the art binoculars with included R.A.D. technology, which allows for Remote Analysis and Display of object characteristics from up to 1200m away.

Magnetic Grapple

Lara can use this device to climb and maneuver throughout the game. In addition Lara can use the grapple as a weapon by throwing it around an enemy's waist and dragging them into danger, such as a pit, or she can drag them into range for a close range attack.

Personal Light Source

Affixed to the forward strap of her backpack, this light can provide temporary illumination in the darkest corners of Lara's explorations. - Ultra-bright LED portable light source. Kinetically charged, the PLS will shine for a limited time before shutting off to recharge.

Red Flares

Back before light sources became more portable, reliable, and resuable, flares were the standard for lighting up the interior of dark tombs. Lara's favourites were always single use stronium nitrate flares with a plastic wind resistant cap for easy lighting.

Twin Pistols

Lara's signature companions. Ever reliable, ever lethal. Just like Lara. The twin pistols are counterbalanced to reduce recoil, and include custom capacity magazines.


For times when a few well-aimed bullets aren't sufficient, Lara appreciates the solid familiarity of a simple pump-action shotgun. It can always be counted on to fire a side spray of buckshot capable of delivering a great deal of damage at close range.

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