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Tomb Raider Legend Demo

Demo Walkthrough

1st Section

The level begins by the ledge, where Lara has pulled herself up. On your right the water is flowing down into the depths. The first part will lead us upwards. You can either step onto the outcropping and from there jump over to the right, or climb up the rock in the right corner. There is a small boulder here, and two more by the pond that Lara can kick, to set them into motion. Then enter the pond and swim to the other side, where you can climb out of the water. Jump up to the higher level and pull up. Here Zip will tell Lara to check on her PDA. At the end of the ledge a rock will block the way. Lara can push it out and over the edge. Jump towards the next outcrop. At the wall you will find a liana you can use to climb up. From there jump to the second liana on your right and jump again to reach the next rock-surface. Continue to the right and jump towards the rope. Use it to swing to the ledge behind the Water. Alternatively you can turn back to face the way you came and swing to the cavemouth on the right. A dark path leads through the rock. The personal lightsource will help. Run along the path and at the end drop down on the right. Step out towards the caveopening on the right to meet the checkpoint.

2nd Section

Follow the path. You are coming out of another cave mouth. Jump to the platform opposite. You can also explore the ledge below the entrance, but at least in the demo, there is nothing to find there. On the ledge opposite a short cutscene is shown to you. When it has finished, turn to face the left wall. Above is a gap. Jump up and grab hold. Shimmy sideways to the left.
Zip: Careful.
Lara: Deep breaths, Zip. This will be a long trip otherwise.
Zip: I forgot you are such an optimist.

You will come past the cave mouth. Around the corner the ledge ends. Jump backwards to the ledge behind you and pull up. Run into the stream. You will come past the next checkpoint.

3rd Section

Lara: I know what you're thinking Zip. And yes, I am aware of the giant boulder.
When you run up towards the top, the boulder will come lose. Evade it. And then run into the gap it has left. Step onto the outcropping on the right and from there jump onto the pole. Instead of swinging, shimmy to the left end. There you have to swing to the next pole. Jump again to reach the ledge. From there jump sideways to the right to the other ledge, where you'll be able to pull up. But instead of doing that, Lara will listen in on a conversation, one baddy is having over his walky talky. Pull up behind the baddy's back and start shooting at him. Although I don't think that's a pretty clever idea while he's still talking, but nevermind. He leaves Lara a SMG. There is also a Medipack in the water. Run further upstream. You cannot get much further on the left, as the cliffs are too high to reach. Examine the fallen tree trunk. You will find that it can be used as seesaw. When you step onto the higher end it will tip. Get back to the wallstructure in the corner. There is a small ledge on the left side. Jump up and grab hold. Shimmy to the right and around the corner. There jump up to the higher level. Here you will find a rock. Push it over the edge and onto the seesaw. Then drop down and step onto the rock. From here you can jump onto a horizontal branch and use it to swingt up to the next rock. Pull up to reach the next checkpoint.

4th Section

Now it's time to use the grapple. The round stone tablet is blocking the way. Throw out your magnetic hook. Pull at the giant piece. It will fall into the water and clear the way. Retract the rope. Then step through into the next yard. Here you will meet two mercenaries, who are talking to each other, their backs turned towards Lara. Attack them from behind and collect the weapons they leave you as well as the Medipack. Step onto the outcrop in the water by the waterfall. From there you can jump up to a small ledge at the backwall. Shimmy left. The ledge will cruble. In case you have to do this part again, you have to jump sideways, past the gap now. From the end you can jump backwards to the bar. Continue towards the gap in the column. Shimmy around the corner to the left. From the end side-jump to the ledge at the wall. Jump up to the walkway above. Jump onto the liana by the waterfall and use it to reach the other side. There walk to the right end. In front it a drop. Overhead you can see two poles. Jump up to the first. From there swing to the second and then jump down on the other side. Here is the next checkpoint.

5th Section

Around the right corner another mercenary will attack you. When he's killed Lara will face the next obstacle. The old bridge has collapsed. You have to use the magnetic grapple again. Jump up and thow out the rope to grab hold overhead. Swing to the other side. Run up the stairs. Follow the path, till you reach a slope. Another cutscene is shown to you. Afterwards you can shoot at the branch holding the boulders and they will tumble down and maybe even kill the two baddies below. Slide down and shoot and remaining baddies, as well as further baddies appearing from the left. As rewards you might now be in posession of a MG10 Assault Rifle, a Medipack and further SMGs. Lara now has to decide weather to continue with the SMG or the MG10. The SMG is perfect in low-range situtations, with high precision. The MG10 has a higher range. Now you can climb up to the right and explore the ruins a bit, to then climb up on the left. You can also choose to follow the path on the left. At the top you have to jump onto the rope and use it to swing to the higher platform. Below a couple of baddies are waiting for you. You can shoot them from up here. To finish them quicker I recommend shooting at the stone column on the left. Interaction Button. It will crumble and crash down to the right, and if you're lucky, take down some baddies in the process. Slide down the slope when you think you're done from up here. Collect any weapons or medis they might have left you. You can duck behind the stone walls you will find here, when engaging the enemy. When all the baddies in this corner are finished, you have to cross the stone bridge to reach the front of the temple. Kill the mercenaries by the jeep. After collecting all remaining goodies, run up the stairs of the temple and watch (or rather listen) as two of the badguys get sliced to bits, when running into the temple's traps. Down the stairs the next checkpoint is waiting for Lara.

6th Section

Run ahead and the floor will disappear from underneath Lara's feet. Jump and throw the magnetic hook, to safely reach the other side. Run up the stairs. In the left wall is a nicely hidden gap, but there is nothing there in the demo. Instead run ahead and to the right into a chamber with a chain mechanism. Lara can climb up on the right chain. Turn your back to the other chain, and jump there. Lara's weight will pull down the chain. Quickly climb it and jump to the upper section of the previous chain, before you've missed the chance. From there you can reach the niche in the wall. Step towards the other side and there jump onto the next chain. Slide down into the room. Enter the next chamber. At the end of the passage is a pool. Jump inside. To swandive, press forwards and jump and immediately the roll button. Dive down and follow the tunnel towards the light. On the way you can take a break and catch some breath. Where the light is brightest, you can pull out and reach the next checkpoint.

7th Section

Run down to the foot of the stairs. You will come to a trap of squeezing blocks. Wait till they meet and then run through as quickly as you can. In the chamber behind you will find a cube-cage with a dangling skull. Push and pull it towards the next trap on the way. This cage will stop the walls from squeezing Lara to death. Push it all the way through to the second set of traps. You can leave it in the middle, where it stops both walls from meeting each other, or push it all the way through. Either way you should be careful where the two traps meet, if Lara is still between the first set, while the block is only blocking the second, she might end up flat against the walls. Step out on the other side. Run up the stairs and into the next chamber. Again there is a checkpoint.

8th Section

You are now standing on a platform with three triggerpads. There are also three crates in this room. Each has to be pushed and pulled onto one of the pads to activate the mechanism that opens the door opposite. One of the crates can be found on the right. It can be pulled on the closest triggerpad right away. The other two crates are in the water below; one left, the other one on the right. After arranging the first crate, climb down. On the left you will find a seesaw. Pull out the crate below one end and it will tilt. Push the crate onto the seesaw now. then climb out of the water and step onto the walkway in the middle where one of the triggerpads is. From the end jump onto the seesaw's upper end. You might also choose to do this jumping bit from below, but trust me, this works better. By jumping onto the seesaw the crate will be catapulted upwards. Now either pull this crate onto its spot, or continue with the last crate. Push and pull this over to the seesaw as well and repeat the procedure. Move all crates onto the three appropriate spots and the door opens. Now it's time to get to this door. Run over to the chain on the left and climb it. Turn with your back towards the gap in the wall behind you and jump there. Shimmy along to the right. At the end jump up to the upper ledge and pull up. Jump up to the horizontal chain and use it to climb to the other side. Hang from the front ledge and drop down to the one below. At the end jump towards the bar. Swing and jump to the platform. Here is the next checkpoint.

Step through the door.

You've made it.

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