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The Angel of Darkness (by Nick)

Paris, Section 7 - St. Aicard's Graveyard

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough by Nick the Rogue)

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This walkthrough was send in by Nick the Rogue

If you came from the apartment belonging to Francine, Pierre's Ex, this brief section is for you. If you came via the front gate (Bernard's Mission), skip ahead a bit.

Getting to the Graveyard from the Apartment

The balcony gives you a delightful view of Aicard's Cemetery... unfortunately, its a perilous journey getting there. Turn right and run/jump/grab the next ledge. Hop over the rail just ahead and climb the pipe. At the top, shimmy to the right and climb up. Careful, the next few steps are dangerous as the ledge will crumble beneath you. Run all the way to the end of it and you should be fine, just don't dally.

You've lost camera control at this point, but don't worry as it's just showing you the way to go. Hang from the end of the ledge and shimmy to the right. Drop down to the safe area with the large bundle of wires. Time for some hand over hand I suppose. Walk to the edge of the ledge and jump up/hang on the bundle. Its an easy traverse to the other side where all you must do is drop and walk around the balcony. Hang from the opening in the railing and drop down on top of one of those kooky above ground graves.

St. Aicard's Graveyard

Now that the Pierre people are with us Bernard missionaries, let's all start our cemetery run at the main entrance like good little boys and girls.

Immediately turning left upon entry, there is a Small Medipack behind a headstone in the nook. Snag it and head North towards all those nifty mausoleums. Be wary for Dobermans with trademark attitudes, though all they take is a shot or two... or four. Swing right past the fenced off graves and around the building proper. Behind the last mausoleum (there has GOT to be a smaller word for these things) is a roll of Bandages. Turn around and back out onto the main path.

The first objective is to get inside the Northern gated area. You can identify it easily via it's large stone angel bearing a cross. Face its gate, then turn around and have a look. Just to the right of the church proper are two mausoleums. Run around to the rear of the first one and jump/climb up, then jump over to the second (taller) one. Run and jump to the other tall one across the path where the camera will shift to the gated area with the angel.

Jump to the lower mausoleum in the gated section, then hang down and drop from one of its ledges. Kick in it's door to beef up Lara a bit and grab the clip within. The aim now is to get back up to the second tall mausoleum outside the gate. Jump/grab/pull up onto the current maus and jump back over to the taller one outside of the gate.

Walk to the edge closest to the North wall and spy the ledge we want to climb to. Forward jump/grab it, then walk over and snag the candy bar. Walk West to the next edge and the camera will tilt down on our next target, the ivy covered mausoleum. Forward jump onto it, then hang down its side and bust down the door, laying claim to another clip and another set of bandages.

Jump, grab, and climb you way back to the gated section with the angel and push him/her/it (take THAT, God) over. As he/she/it falls, the stone lid crumbles revealing the entrance to Boucard's church hideout. Yay. The possibility exists that you may have lost some health jumping from all these heights. Don't heal, though, as you're back up to full health once you enter our friend's lair.

Congratulations, you've just completed St.Aicard's Cemetery...

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walkthrough by Nick the Rogue