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The Angel of Darkness (by Nick)

Paris, Section 6a - CAFE METRO Mission (Pierre)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough by Nick the Rogue)

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This walkthrough was send in by Nick the Rogue

Head to the Cafe Metro which is more Northwest of our entry into the streets than north. Upon entry, take note of the gun toting gent to the right (that wouldn't be our soon to be new aquaintence with psychic powers, would it?), then head over to the bar and talk to Pierre. It appears he wants a package he left in a stage light back in the club.

Pierre will give you a key to the rear stage entrance of the club which is behind the Garage. Exit the Cafe and turn left, going straight on the road through a load screen. At the end of the Rue, you see the park on your right and the road continuing around the corner to the left. Follow the road (as Bernard's mission is now closed) and go up the stairs just to the left.

Go to the second floor Herbalist Shop and talk to the owner. He'll clue you in on the need for a password to get by the Doorman. Note that for later. Exit the Herbalist and follow the road down the hill towards the Garage where you'll see the same motorcycle you saw at the Cafe sitting out front. As you approach the bike, our mysterious friend from the bar runs out and speeds away. Continue to the alley he came out of and enter the stage door.

After a short cut scence that gives you the location of a Goon, go into stealth and sneak over to the blue room just before his. He runs a short circuit of his room before standing still for a moment with his back to you, so stay out of sight. Once he pause, sneak up and stealth kill him. Claim his gun, then the items on the desk. A Desert Ranger should be there with a spare clip, as well as a candy bar and a set of keys to the Dance floor.

It's could be possible to get stealth kills on both of the guys here, but with one as a constant lookout, I doubt it. Pull out your M-V9 (hopefully you've loaded it at this point) and blow the two of them away. Try and keep the boxes between you and one of the goons as to only have to deal with one at a time. Regardless, you're pretty much going to lose at least some life. Heal, if necessary, and snag their guns, then head behind the bar and pick up the two candy bars and a bottle of Cognac before calling the dumb waiter back up to ground level. Take the two boxes of shotgun shells, then come out from behind the bar.

Head back to the door you came in from, but instead take the left hand port. Downstairs you'll find a ladder and a bottle of Cognac. Snag the wine and head down the ladder. At the end of the short hall you'll find a candy bar and a spare clip on the box. Unfortunately, the entry above is closed so you can't go any further. Head back upstairs to the dance floor.

Beneath the Stage is a pack of health pills. Pick them up, then run around the stage to the stairs and grab the Vintage Record (treasure) from the turn table. Turn around and flip the switch. This not only turns on the music and the lights, but also triggers some Goons. Pull out your pistol and waste a few, being sure to snag their weapons (for clips).

Head up the stairs and be ready for another goon who shows up just ahead. Take him out and grab his gun, then circle around to a movable box on the otherside of the walkway around where the bar would be if up a level. Push the box towards the stage then jump on it. Walk to its edge and jump/climb to the lighting fixture.

Walk slowly towards the other side of the dance floor. As you step, part of the fixture will fall. Don't worry, there's plenty of room to make the run/jump/grab to the other side (2nd walkway). Make the leap, and pull yourself up. Get that pistol out immediately as a Goons will approach from either side. Take the one to your right out immediately. Get his weapon and the bandages in the corner quickly, then roll and fire upon the other Goon that's trying to sneak up on you. Get this one's gun, then go to the gap in the grating that's near where you shot the first one.

The light system should be moving up and down every few seconds. When it's at its lowest point, forward jump/grab onto it and pull yourself up. Make sure you are in walk mode so you don't fall off the thin ledge. Turn around and move closer to the corner where you should see a platform for the jump/climbing too. Do so.

Climb up the ladder you find there and walk your way to the sliding platform that is to the left of it. On the same platform is a door for accessing the lights, but we'll come back to that. Slide down the platform, jumping at the last minute to arrive on the broken catwalk across the way. Walk to the next gap and forward jump to the next section. Walk again to the edge and spy a rigging with a pipe preventing you from climbing on top of it. Don't worry, we can shimmy past it.

Forward jump/grab the rigging and shimmy to the left quickly, only trying to pull up once you are past the pipe. Walk to the larger platform and take a look at our next jumping goal. The bridge will fall to Lara's jarring kicks soon enough, first run and jump/grab the office that is straight ahead. Drop down and walk over to the bridge. Kick it down, giving Lara the extra oomph of strength that she needs to break the door to the office down.

Inside the office, grab the key (Ticket Booth) that is on the floor and face the control panel that looks out onto the lighting systems. The left controls rotate the fixtures while the right controls move the lighting box from the fixture to the access point we passed up near the sliding platform. Rotate the fixtures with the left contorls until the broken light is in line with the access point, then move the lighting box to the opening with the right controls. Easy, no?

Make your way over the bridge and up the ladder to the access box. Snag Pierre's box, then head back to the control office where a Goon will be waiting for you. Unload a few rounds into him and take his weapon, then head downstairs using the ladder in the office. Pick up the candy bar and head out the door. You should find yourself back on the second level of catwalks.

Make your way to the other side again and walk to the edge next to the broken fixture hanging from which you first came. No running jump is required this time, just line up and forward jump back onto it. From there, walk to the edge with the box and hang/drop down. Around the corner by the stairs, another Goon should be running around. At this point you should have ammo for all three guns, so why not try out the Eagle or the Vector?

Once the baddie is out of the picture, head downstairs and around to the ticket booth door were some fresh cash awaits inside. Back up stairs we go, around to the box, jump/grab the fixture, run/jump/grab to the second catwalk level, then back around to the door that leads to the ladder.

Next to the exit door lies a switch with no key, if anyone can find a way to work it, you'd have my respect as I can find no item that works in it.

Make sure you've picked up all of the items you want inside, as there's no going back once you exit Le Serpent Rouge via the top floor office door.

Head back to the cafe and give Pierre his box. In return he'll tell you some infuriating news about the mysterious stranger and send you off to his ex's appartment. You'll need the code to get in, but it will show up both on a slip of paper he gives you and in the Werner's Notebook.

Exit the cafe and turn left heading towards the church. Apart halfway there is the apartment you are looking for. Head up the stairs and talk to the Pierre's ex, then pocket the watch and the health tabs from her china hutch. Exit through the door on the right and prepare for the cemetary...

Congratulations, you've just completed Pierre's mission and found your way into the cemetery...

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walkthrough by Nick the Rogue