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The Angel of Darkness (by Nick)

Paris, Section 5 - Parisian Ghetto

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough by Nick the Rogue)

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This walkthrough was send in by Nick the Rogue

Welcome to the walkthrough for the fifth Parisian level in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness...

You awaken with Lara in an abandoned subway car in the slums of Paris. Read Von Croy's Notebook for some interesting tidbits, if you wish. They'll come in handy later.

Hang a left outside of the car and talk to the thirsty French bum at the fire, He'll point you to a cafe where you might find information an a man named Bouchard. Make a U-turn and head back to the rail car.

Climb on the pipe next to the car, then jump and climb the car itself. At the far end, you can spy a Large Medipack. Duck under the pipe to get to it, and when you get to the other side, Lara tells you she can climb the fencing on the opposite wall easily. That took too long for me so, instead, crawl back under the pipe and climb the chain link you find there.

You'll see an open length of link to the left of where you climbed up from, but leave it for now. We've got some items to chase. Turn around and face the gap you must soon try your hand it. Don't worry, this is the easy part.

Back yourself to the other side of your current platform and take a running jump/grab. Pull yourself up and walk to the left side of the grating. To the right is our target, a fenced off section with a few items. From the left side of the grating, spy upon the ledge with the ivy and a bit of clear cementing. THIS is the tricky part.

From the edge of the grating closest to the clear ledge, take a half step back and SAVE. Once safe, do a forward jump. With any luck you will have landed standing on that thin strip. To walk over to the opening the fencing, diagonal walk half towards the wall/half towards the fencing. No sweat, right?

Pick up the candy and the cash and diagonal walk your way back out the ledge. Being careful not to step too far, turn towards the grating platform and forward jump back to it. Phew. Run and jump back to the original grating and head out to the left. Talk to the frog with the coat and hat and find out a bit more about Bouchard and the Monstrum, then take a look at Werner's notebook. *gasp* A new entry!

Follow the fencing around to the right and down some stairs to pick up some more cash, then head back to the door by our friendly city guide. Have a long chat with the gal playing tricks next to Le Serpent Rouge and hear more of Bouchard's troubles. Find out all you can from Janice about the Janitor and Barman, then note a new friend is no longer in this world... or is she?

In the storewell directly across the street lies more cash. Snag it, then look at the sign for directions. North of your entrance lies Cafe Metro it seems and to the East you can find the Park, but lets take a detour West and sell some of our valuable items, yes? If you're not too sure about selling the Cognac or Doubloons, make sure your next save is in another slot...

Head back down the Rue towards Le Serpent Rouge and pick up more cash in the storewell (but, where does it come from?), then follow the sign that points to the Cafe up to the park for some more bills. Back down to the storewell... more cash... back up... I like this loop.

You'll notice that you can go inside the manhole cover to a level marked Bouchard's Hideout, but until we talk to a few more people, its a waste of time. Depending on who you talk to first, Pierre or Bernard, a mission at Le Serpent Rouge opens up. Make sure you are polite to whomever you choose as they may get bitchy and not help you at all. Talk to one, and the point of entry is a little different in the manner of entry and the other's mission closes, but you get the same items either way.

To the Northeast Lies the Herbalist's Shop (clues) and the Park where you can find Bernard. To the Northwest lies Cafe Metro and Pierre (as well as a nifty cameo by a mysterious gunman). Depending on which former employee of Bouchard you talk to first, the paths diverge...

On to Paris - Section 6... Le Serpent Rouge...

(next level a. Pierre)
(next level b. Bernard)

walkthrough by Nick the Rogue