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The Angel of Darkness (by Nick)

Paris, Section 4 - Margot Carvier's Apartment

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough by Nick the Rogue)

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This walkthrough was send in by Nick the Rogue

Welcome to the walkthrough for the fourth Parisian level in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness...

This is a very short level as it is predominantly an interactive conversation between our dear Lara and Werner's contact at the Louvre, Madame Carvier. I won't go step by step through the conversation itself as it has spoilers, but I will say this... The kinds of questions you ask and the reactions you give to Madame Carvier's questions of you affect the outcome of the level. If you are terse with her, she will accuse you of murder and lock herself in her room without giving you the location of a key item, Werner's Fieldbook. Remain cordial, however, and she will STILL accuse you, but follow Werner's wishes and give you the book.

Also, note that some questions can give you important clues while other's just repeat what you've already said more emphatically. Take care what you say or you may miss a valuable piece of information.

Once the conversation is over, Madame Carvier begins to leave to call the local police. IF you were polite and empathetic to her grief over Werner's death, she will hand it over herself. If not, well... that's what you have me for.

As soon as you have control of Lara again, head to the kitchen. Pick up the bottle of fine wine to the left next to the sink, and immediately roll and search the last drawer on the right in the kitchen. There are other drawers, but they are empty... probably put there to take up precious seconds of time (as the police are definitely on their way).

With wine and reading in hand, go back to the living room and search the desk's drawer for an item, then head straight for the front door. If you're fast, you'll be long gone before the cops even show up on the block. The more time you spend searching the apartment, the closer the fuzz are to nabbing you. When you see, the cop car pull up, you should make your way to the front door FAST. If not, the bobbies beat you there and you're in for a confrontation. Better to just get what I've listed quickly and get out of there.

Congratulations, you've completed the fourth Parisian mission.

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walkthrough by Nick the Rogue