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The Angel of Darkness (by Nick)

Paris, Section 14 - Hall of Seasons

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough by Nick the Rogue)

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This walkthrough was send in by Nick the Rogue

Mmmm, the dreaded Keeper is near, but four puzzle rooms hold you at bay (not to mention the trap room below). Hopefully this will help you along the way.

As you open the door that exits the Tomb of Ancients section, take note of the four reliefs on the wall (two on either side of the hall) and be ready for the undead warrior who prowls the Hall proper. Don't waste any ammo on him unless you're thirsting for ever replenishing zombie blood. You're fast, he's slow... get the picture?

In the center of the Hall are four buttons that quarter the inner circle of the hall, one for each element (or season). If the small hall you just came from is South, lets call the Northwest tile (its a bit off centered) Earth, Northeast is Fire (a sort of star), Southwest is Water (Neptune's puzzle), and Southeast is Wind (blowing wind = scary).

Let's start with Water, shall we? Hit the Southwest button and look East/Southeast to the three doors that have now opened. Zombie Boy should have caught up with you by now so step lively. Take the left hand door and pull the switch you find there. It will open the gates and the heavy door that leads to Neptune's Hall (Water Puzzle).

Take heed, ladies and gentlepuffs... if you pull a different lever it will take you to the large trap room below the hall which is VERY deadly if you do not know it's quirks. We'll come back to it later as a door down there is one of the goals upon completing the four puzzle rooms, but my advice is to reload back up to the Hall proper and wait until the walkthrough goes there. Capiche?

Now, on with the show.


As you enter the hall, spy the undead legionnaire with the flaming sword just across the pit (don't fall in, instadeath for the moment). He'll spot you immediately, but if you duck behind a column he'll loose sight and stalk around that way to reacquire. He will always (methinks) walk around the side of the room that corresponds to the column you duck behind. Once he starts his walk around, run about the other side and snag the two shotgun shell boxes on his side of the columns, then go down the hall to the small waterspout and drop into the drink.

Swim straight down the hole and into a flooded bathhouse, tip your head to the horizontal and spy the cubby that is protected by three machetes. Swim between the bottom two and pull the switch inside. They can do a lot of damage, so avoidance is the key. Flip the switch and swim through the machetes, then back up the water tunnel to the column room with Zombie Joe. At this point, he may or may not spot you and hit you with a ball of fire... no worries (save for the low of health), just jump into the pit where a safe zone of water cools all burns.

Okay, from the surface of the new found water chamber, lets reorient. Look around and find the face of Neptune above an arch. That's going to be our Twelve o'clock.

Just clockwise of old Seabeard is a little opening that is marked by an orange bit of seaweed. Go into the passage there and flip the switch. This fills the chamber even more, allowing you to enter the doors above the waterline.

Clockwise of Neptune again (at, oh say, between one and two o'clock) is a door with a short pipe hall. Snag the clip at the end of it and go back out to the water chamber. The hall that is dead on twelve above Neptune holds a Large Medipack. Snag that. The final open hall is between ten and eleven o'clock on the makeshift dial. That leads to an underwater jaunt with spike traps and whatnot. I would save at the foot of the hole leading down if I were Thy.

This next bit takes a lot of quick swimming so pay attention.

Hop into the drink and swim forward. You'll pass some arch work through which you could see the chamber proper, but don't waste time on looking. Instead, pause briefly in the middle of the arches to snag the Large Medipack and continue swimming down the hall. Swim down through the hole in the pipe and pick up a second Large Medipack on the floor. When you do, you should see a piece of broken grating on the pipe floor. Look that direction and spy the hole in the grate. Swim through it and down the hall to a brief air pocket in the ceiling.

Take a breather with Lara and reorient yourself so you are facing the broken grate. Aren't the water distortion effects just wonderful? We didn't get to appreciate it in the Louvre's boiler room, what with the surface being covered with burning oil and all... but, I digress. Save here if you want as the spike traps are next.

Swim down the hall through the broken grate and continue down the pipe. The spikes come out of nowhere, so I recommend staying on the bottom right of the pipe and adjusting as necessary. If you take a hit or two that isn't fatal, don't worry about it as health fills back up once you exit the puzzle.

The spikes last until you pass through another broken grate. Just past that are two passages, left and right. Snag the clip on the right and continue down its duct to the small air pocket, then go back down and straight across the pipe to the left duct. Once into the outer pool, angle down to the pedestal upon which Water Crystal rests. Snag it and, if you think you have enough air, swim further down and flip the switch that is hidden on the side of the pedestal itself. If you're hurting, angle up into the now accessible Water Chamber Proper (the circular grate opens upon snagging the Crystal... get some air and go back down for the switch.

The switch opens the arch below Seabeard which takes you back to the bathroom with the machetes. Head back up the hole in the ceiling to the column room and dodge Zombie Joe to exit the puzzle. SAVE.

On to the next one... how about Earth?

Hit the Northwest button and head down the Center hall. swing right a moment to snag the clip, then flip the lever and head into the Earth Puzzle Room.


Walk into the puzzle room and watch the cinematic of tumbling earth. Great, a falling rock zone. After the quake, look right and grab the bandages there, scurrying back to the platform as quickly as you can, then head to the Southwest corner of the room (South being the entrance) and look around. The easiest path starts along the left wall, but it is very easy to screw a landing and die so Save in the corner. Every platform holds for around three to five seconds (if you don't move around too much) so there's just enough time to grab your bearings and jump to the next platform.

Hop the first gap then run and jump the second, run and jump third stopping on it's northernmost edge (should be a safe pillar). Save. Run and jump to the wall platform and turn right, being quick and careful. Make your way safe ledge that is sort of to the Northeast of the room. Save. Turn south and see the bit of climbing you will have to do.

Walk to the edge of the safe platform and (having first turned Walk off) forward jump and climb. Run forward and crawl atop the second ledge, then forward jump at its edge and hang/climb onto the third safe zone. Turn to the Northwest and look at the final leg. Save. The bridge starts collapsing as you run along it, but don't jump to early or you will fall. Wait until you are at least halfway across before making that leap of faith. You might have to hang from the wall, but Lara should have the strength to outlast the semi-long cinema of the bridge making its grand plummet into the depths below.

Snag the shotgun shells on either side of the nook and grab the Earth Crystal. Once you have the Crystal, a nice little cinema will trigger that shows nifty tiles swimming out of the abyss to give you footing to the two switches on either side wall. The only problem is they also give sure footing to the three Zombie Joes with Flaming Swords. Do what you have to do to throw the two switches remembering that there are waterfalls at both the North and South ends of the room to quench any heat issues.

It usually only takes me a bit of crafty dodging and a single Small Medipack (remember, exiting a puzzle room replenishes your health) to survive the encounter as saving bullets for foes that actually DIE is imperative. Save and prepare for the next trial. Fire anyone?

As a side note, you might want to place the two crystals (in the painting nooks at the Hall entrance) you have unless you want to spend time later either shooting the Zombie in the Hall Proper to put him down for a few seconds or constantly luring him back out to the main hall so you can go back in and place a stone in relative safety. Usually you can lure him behind the large pile of rocks on the West side of the room and run to the pictures while he is screened from view. Also remember that every time you pass a major load screen, the items in a level reset... infinite clips are fun.


Though it looks tough, the Sanctuary is actually a breeze if you know how to jump it right. The gouts of flame you encounter on the way to the Crystal are just eye candy meant to scare you mainly. Don't let them. The main danger is from platforms dropping into the lava or being blown out of the lava and/or Lara making a wrong turn into the molten drink (which oddly enough doesn't cause her to burst into flame... she actually floats! She's dead, but she floats).

Here's the gist of it. Save before you try anything. Then run out the first platform and jump to the L-shaped platform, following it left. Jump to the third platform then angle right (East) and jump to the fourth, quickly turning North and jumping to the safety of the Crystal Nook. It may take a few tries, but once you've got the way of it, it should be no real problem. Grab the stone and turn around.

Now to get back, but how? Save and note the platforms that are forming above the lava. Make sure you are on WALK mode and head down to the first stone pillar on the left (one of the few remaining lava-level stones). Turn West (South = Entrance/Exit) and hop to the second stone, then forward jump to the platform in the air just a bit to the Southwest. If you remain in Walk mode, the jumps should be no problem and you won't run off the edge.

Pull up to the hanging double platform and turn south. Take a running jump to the second double platform, then turn East. At this point there is a minor danger of being hit by a random flaming rock, but the damage is fairly slight so only heal if you are on the verge of death (remember the fill up between load screens).

Forward jump to the East platform. Wait a few seconds as more platforms rise, then walk out on them to the middle stone between two angled ones (SE and SW). Look Southeast for more platforms to rise, walk SE to the edge and forward jump to them. Walk South to and look for another platform to rise from the lava. Walk to the edge and forward jump to it. From there it's just as hop, skip, and a jump to the exit. Head through the load and SAVE.

Only one more to go.

Hit the last floor button and head East to the right hand hall. Pull the lever and watch for Zombie Joe as this is his spawn point, then enter the Puzzle Hall.


This is actually the easiest 'puzzle' in my opinion. Just make sure you are in WALK and all you have to do is line up the jumps and HOP from pillar to pillar. The Dragon's breath only serves to throw your trajectory a bit so wait until it passes to leap.

First, though, you have to bring the pillars up to a decent level.

Hang a right (East) at the start of the room and push in the South wall where the action hand lights up. Snag the two clips (why thank you, Lux Veritatus... I've given up asking why all of this modern weapons and items are in a Renaissance period trap room) and flip the lever. The pillars rise and its hoppin' time.

The easiest way is to work your way around the room counterclockwise starting with the pillar closest to you on the right. They sway a bit in addition to the 'breath' so take your time, just remember that patience is a virtue... sometimes. Save after each successful hop and you should be fine. Snag the Crystal on the other side and go back the way you came (the wind stopped... whoopee!).

Distract Zombie... Place Stone... hmmm, that door downstairs should be unlocked now. Pull any none puzzle opening lever and head downstairs. I recommend the center lever of the Air puzzle you just came from. Snag the Large Medipack at the bottom of the slide and SAVE. This next jump is a doozy.

Walk out to the trap room and spy what I like to call The Mangler. There are one of two options. You can head at a gallop to the right to outrun it as you make your way through the to the door or walk to the right and backflip over it when it comes to... well... mangle you. You're choice, though that is why I told you to save. Backflipping over it allows you the time necessary to avoid the traps ahead IF AND ONLY IF you want to explore the rest of the trap room. If you just want to get to the door, skip the next paragraph.

The trick to backflipping is not to jump the gun. Give The Mangler at least two to three seconds to make its way down the hall once you trigger it. Then backflip. If all goes well you should take no damage and end up behind it. In rare cases you take a little damage yet still make it. But, generally, if you mistimed it Lara's dead meat.

Choosing just to outrun The Mangler is cake since the door is just past the lava gap on the right. Run out the hall to the right and jump the lava gap... run, as The Mangler is still gunning for you, and open the door on the left wall. Run down the stairs to a lever room and pull it. Inside is a large, cylindrical room.

Head left and turn the wheel there, then go back and climb down the ladder that is to the right of the entrance. On the opposite side of the bottom floor is another Zombie as well as a ladder... head the direction opposite the Zombie's movement and climb the ladder and walk around the second level clockwise to the chain hanging over a gap. Hand over hand it to the other side.

Climb the ladder there all the way to its top rung, then backflip to the platform. Climb the next ladder, then turn the wheel at the top. Head down the ladder to the wooden platform between the two ladders and look at the third level of the middle Contraption. On the far side is another chain to traverse.

Forward jump and hang to the platform and go across the chain. Climb the ladder you find there and turn the third wheel. Head back to the chain and across to the Contraption, then forward jump back to the wooden platform between the two ladders (the second wheel area). Jump to the down ladder and grab it to get on. Down you go and back over the chain to the second level of the Contraption. Walk Clockwise and stand in front of the final wheel. DO NOT TURN YET.

When you turn the wheel, traps activate to slice and dice poor Lara. The best bet is to turn the wheel and quickly go back to the chain and make your way back to that platform between ladders near the second wheel. The goal is the ladder on the entry platform that is clockwise around the room from the platform between ladders. Line up a running jump and Save. You have to hit the ladder pretty much dead on, then grab it. Climb up and head to the lever room. Push it back into place and run up the stairs to the Trap room.

This time, go clockwise around the Trap room. Run and jump over the lava gap towards where you started, then run and jump to the Smasher trap. Stop on the safe side of the Smasher, then (when it starts to move up after a Thwomp) run and jump past it as plain ole running will get you crushed. The next trap is a wicked triple impailer... just jump over the right side when it starts to trip. The standing blades are cake, just don't dally next to them. Walk up to the next two impailers to trip them, then run or jump past them on their way back up.

Take the door on the left and use the pull elevator to go up to the main level, stopping briefly to snag the bandages and clip from the wall nook.

Back in the Hall Proper, notice the four moving pillars in the center of the room... that's new. Climb the Eastern rubble (you know, the stuff usually used to screen from Zombie Joe) and jump to the first on the right as it comes to the lowest point of its journey. From there just line up and forward jump (being on Walk helps, too) to each successive pillar when the time is right.

On the fourth pillar, face the center of the room and jump up and grab when the pillar reaches its pinnacle. Often Lara will grab at the wrong spot and not be able to pull up. If that happens, just let go and try again as many times as necessary to get her on the iron spar. Walk to the flat spar that leads to the outer ring of the room and jump or hop over the railing.

Run clockwise around the room, triggering a Zombie or two to burst out from the walls. Don't worry, like most Zombie Legionnaires, they are easy to dodge. Make your way up the stairs to the next level. Dodge another Zombie and continue clockwise on the new floor. Dodge Zombie 2.0 and climb the wall at the end of the path to the switch.

Flip the switch to open a door just clockwise of your position. Don't try to jump it though... an arch blocks the way. Instead, hop back down to the ledge you came from and go around the long way counterclockwise (equipping the shotgun mid-stride). As you reach the entryway to the door, two Zombies block the way. A pair of blasts each from the shotgun should put them on their backs. Snag the clip and push the wall in on the right (mmm, she feels stronger now) and head back to the climbing ledge with the switch.

At the switch level drop down to revitalize, then climb up to the ceiling. Once monkey climbing while hanging, head to the safety ledge that is clockwise around the room towards the center. Making it just in time, Save the game and turn away from the wall. The next climb is out towards the edge. At the point furthest counterclockwise on the edge is another climbing section, but don't dally WHATSOEVER as it takes all over her strength to make it again... I'm deadly serious. Once at the edge, Lara should swing around and start climbing up. Help her do so as fast as she can and climb left at the top to safety...


Up the stairs to the left lies the Keeper... yes, THAT Keeper whom everyone despises. After a short cinematic, the vengeful spirit comes after you in earnest. Break out a weapon (most prefer the shotgun) and pepper it with gunfire being sure to keep an eye on which statue the blue light is on at the moment. Once you've hit it enough that it pauses for a few moments, run to the blue light and press action to grab the Obscura run out the door! The Keeper can follow you a ways down the stairs, so hurry... Lucky for you he hates water and for some reason the area is now flooded... weird. Well... not really.

Save the game if you wish and head out the newly opened door to a revisit of the Tomb of Ancients...

Congratulations, you've just completed the Hall of Seasons...

Next... Paris - Section 15... The Tomb of Ancients...

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walkthrough by Nick the Rogue