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The Angel of Darkness (by Nick)

Paris, Section 12 - Archeological Dig

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough by Nick the Rogue)

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This walkthrough was send in by Nick the Rogue

With the large steel doors directly behind you, go straight through the chain link fence and hug the wall on the right. Pull out the taser as it makes life so much easier here in a moment. As you approach the trailer on the far side of the dig, a Barney opens the door from the inside and spots you. Zap him and snag his clip, then go inside and flip the switch you find there.

Head back outside and turn right. As you close in on the small tent another Barney appears. Zap this one and again snag a clip. The next trailer is an office area with a printout, but be careful. As soon as you trigger a small speech by Lara, a goon materializes back outside and will try and lock you in if you aren't paying attention. Go back outside and off the bugger, then return and grab the printout (an important symbol) and hear a bit more about the Nephillium, then go back outside towards where that last Barney came from and head through the set of steel doors between the two trailers.

In this small section is an x-ray machine looking down on a large pit. Use the computer and scan around until you find a symbol that the machine locks onto (look at the BONES... sorry, Monty Python moment), and take the printout of it that follows. Head back to the dig proper and follow the chain link around the pit until you find an opening (about halfway between the first trailer and the level entrance). Use the scaffolding to make your way to the bottom of the pit and take out the Barney that is pacing around.

On the right side of the pit (the wall closest to the two trailers above) is a climbable bit of mortar. Make your way to the top and step off on the platform there. Take a look around while you are there and note that the bridge spanning the pit is textured so you can monkey swing over it. Do so, but take special care as the trip will sap pretty much all of Lara's strength even IF you don't delay her by stopping or swinging to far to the sides (which halt her progress).

On the other side of the bridge, drop down onto the stone outcropping and climb the small wooden platform just above it. From there, climb onto the bridge via the gap in the railing and walk to the top of the dig. In a moment, you'll be coming back to the large circular plinth, but at the present just flip the elevator switch and watch it go down a level.

Go back the way you came atop the bridge and drop to the small wooden platform. Hang down to the stone ledge and look at the scaffolding where the elevator dropped to. With it in place you can now make the leap to the nifty puzzle that opens the level exit at the top of the dig.

The Cryptoglyph Puzzle

On the face of the puzzle lie many different symbols on four rotating wheels. Around the corner lie four levers that lock symbols in place. The object of the puzzle is to use the level on its face to rotate the wheels until the specific symbols lie in their respective places of the goal mechanism at 9 o'clock on the face.

Look at Werner's notebook and take a gander at the page that shows the face of the puzzle. That smart little bugger gave you the first and last symbols for free, and you already have the middle two from the area above the pit. From left to right the symbols should go as follows: the downward pointing crescent moon, the odd circle with horns growing out of it, the target, and the odd fountain of arrows.

Pull the lever on the face until one of the symbols lines up in its designated spot, then head around the corner to the row of levers and lock the glyph in question. Levers and spaces correspond directly (1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc.) and stay locked until you push the lever back, so push and pull as necessary to get all the symbols lined up.

With each glyph in its place, a brief cinematic is triggered showing the plinth at the top of the dig opening. Goal!

Walk out on the elevator platform at forward jump to the wooden platform on the right. Turn around and running jump to the stone ledge, then jump up/climb atop the wooden platform to the bridge and the now open level exit. Drop down and prepare to enter the Tomb of the Ancients...

Congratulations, you've just completed the Archeological Dig...

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walkthrough by Nick the Rogue