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The Angel of Darkness (by Nick)

Paris - Section 10, The Louvre Storm Drains

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough by Nick the Rogue)

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This walkthrough was send in by Nick the Rogue

Head straight down the entry hall and off the rodent on your right. Snag the candy bar on your left and head up the stairs to lay claim to the Large Medipack there. The door won't budge so its back down the stairs you go. Follow the sewer pipe and take the first left you can, leading you to a large water-filled room with a ladder. Climb it and note the (as yet) unturnable wheel. Follow the hall and snag the clip near the jetting steam, out the gate, and right to the room with the large waterfall. This will be our reference room, with the bottom being say, oh, level zero.

Across the room to the left is a climbable pipe... to the right is another hall where a moving fan blocks the entrance to another hall. Take a gander for visual recognition if you like as we're going to be coming back to it. Go back the waterfall and climb the pipe.

Oh, and whatever you do, DON'T fall down the hole in the middle of the room... instant death for the moment.

At the top of the pipe (level 1), shimmy left and climb onto the catwalk. Through the switch you find there and head back down to level zero and the hall with the now stilled fan. Climb the ladder and turn the valves so Lara can crawl through (Strength bonus?). Snag the shotgun shells and follow the hall. Turn the wheel and head back to the waterfall room.

Go down the opposite hall and though the gate to the steam room and turn the wheel there... back to the waterfall. Climb the pipe (to level 1) and run back to where the switch is. This time, walk across the plank to the other side and turn the valve there. Now that hole in the middle of the waterfall is a bit safer to explore, since its now filled to the brim with agua. Before you head that way though, pick up the clip on to the valve's right.

Okay then, walk out onto the platform and into the middle of the waterfall. Hang from the edge and drop into the hole. Swim down and follow the pipe to another valve cavern, this one in deep disrepair. Swim over to the broken catwalk and climb it like a ladder. Walk around the still intact portion of the catwalk until Lara spots a cable for you.

Hang and hand over hand your way to the middle and drop down on the spar. Walk to the valve and turn it, then head back to the cable and continue your journey to the other side. Climb up the second catwalk (to level 3) and make your way to a jump Lara points out herself. Do so and turn the valve you find there.

Turn around and hop back over the gap and run towards the second broken catwalk which you used to climb up. Just at the point where you the grating ends in a vertical plunge, jump to the deck with the door. If you see yourself falling a little short, hold the action button so you can grab yourself in time. It's fifty-fifty that you'd either land safely in the water or hit the level 1 grating (sapping some health), so no big whoop.

And, its a shortcut to where you want to go (the final valve) and gives you the opportunity to get better at jumping... heck, there's even a clip in it for you. But, if you're bored and lazy and not up for the challenge, just jump back in the water and swim down the pipe to the other room (or crawl under the fencing in the large pipe just before the level 3 valve and slide back down to level one in the other room near the fan ladder.

I'll assume you made the easy jump. Open the door and run down the hall, snagging the clip you find there. Walk out on the spar and grab the bundle of wires, hand over handing it to the last valve which shuts of the waterfall to the right. Get back on the wires again and out to the spar, then walk down towards the now quiet outtake pipe. Once within range, forward jump into it and through the door to the second section of the sewers.

Okay, let's take a moment to reorient...

Lara smells oil which is both good and bad. Looking out over the water, we'll call the opposite wall from you North. That makes your current left West and the oil barrels on the right East. You can blow one of two oil barrels. The one with the green sign which is on the lower level to your right and the one with the yellow label which is all the way up on the second level. As I have YET to find a way into the Louvre blowing the yellow label, head for the green.

From the opening, hang and drop to the catwalk. Follow the catwalk East to the barrel with the green label. Lara tells you to check the map, yada yada... just press action and backflip into the water as soon as you can. The explosives blow a hole in the wall and lace the top of the water with burning oil (instant death if you surface).

Instead of dying trying to make it up the ladder, swim underwater to the pipe that is furthest NorthWest in the pool. Go straight down that and take your first left (That's LEFT). Walk up the pipe to the second level, then drop and hang from the opening. Turn South and climb the ladder (as if you were going back to the green labeled barrel). There's a spot of fire at the base of the East facing ladder, so forward jump over it onto the catwalk you first jumped down from.

Since another gout of flame blocks the rest of the catwalk to gaping hole where the green labeled gas can used to be, climb the ladder to the second level catwalk. Walk to its end and hang/drop down. Then just walk to the hole and through to the other side. Head towards the door on the left and prepare for the Louvre proper.

Congratulations, you've just completed the Louvre Storm Drains...

Coming soon... Paris - Section 11... The Louvre Galleries...

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walkthrough by Nick the Rogue