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Von Croys Apartment

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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The video before this level will advance the story a bit. Lara and Kurtis flee more or less together from Gundersons men out of the Louvre. Outside they are both struck down. Bouchard's bodyguard is lurking there. Lara wakes up at Bouchard's. He drives her to von Croys as she asks but then sends in a killer behind her.

In the Apartment

We are finally at the crimescene, in von Croys Apartment. Who ever has been here must have been the same as in Rennes place. In one corner lies Von Croys cane, let it lie the for the time being, since it triggers the killer. Take a further look around. At the dinner table and by the column you can find a Rig 09 and Ammo. Pick it all up. When you start with the ammo by the column before picking up the weapon you can collect infinite ammo. In the kitchen you can find some more Ammo. By the spiral stairs you can find bandages. Then examine the corner with Von Croy's desk. There you find information about the Lux Veritatis and the Sanglyph.

Upper Level

Run to the door behind the spiral stair and open it. This will get you another Power Up! (lower body strength). In the chamber behind you can find some more Ammo. Run up the blue stairs. This way you will reach a bathroom, where there is more Ammo and a small medipack. Run further up and open the next door with a kick. This will lead you into the bedroom. You can also get here by running up the spiral stairs but you cannot break down the door from the other side. Next to Werner's bed you will some Ammo and in the closet you will find more Ammo and a large medipack. In front of the windows, by the small small table is more ammo. In addition a book concerning the Cabal lies opened on the table. after you have gained that information, run down the spiral stairs to get down again.

Walking Stick

Collect the jackal walking stick now. A badguy with a machine gun appears. Shoot back several times, for him to flee and free the door - by the bookshelfes - from the lasers.

When I played tis part first, I got a little bug here. The guy looked strange and he wouldn't hit me with his shots, I couldn't hit him either, and so he wouldn't flee. The only thing that helped here was realoading from an earlier save.

In the corridor

If the guy fled, which he does after a few shot, he has turned of the lasers by the entrance door. So now run towards the bookshelfes and into the passage, out through the door into the corridor. On the left is a dead end, so run to the right. The next door on the left is open. Go in. Collect the ammo you will find here. Our killer will break through the wall from the room next door. Shoot back at him till he flees. Then climb through the opening in the wall. Here you will find chocolate and the Viper SMG which the guy has left you. But it's empty.


Step into the corridor outside. Lie flat on the ground. Apparently some of you haven't read the manual. You can do that now! Start by crouching and then press the stealth button! Now crawl underneath the two laser barriers. You come to the staircase, where something explodes.

Make a staning jump to the opposite side. Caution, fire! At the end of the passage you can find a small medipack on the window sill. Collect it and jump back to the other side.

Now drop down to the ground carefulls. On a table you will find a large medipack. Underneath the stairs cou will find Ammo. The exit is blocked. So run up the stairs to reach the next floor. The passage here is also booby trapped. At the other end you can see our killer.

1st Floor

Run past the first trap before it becomes active. On the left you can find ammo again. At the next door on the left you can find more ammo. Run over the the right were you will find more ammo by the door. Look at the next set of laser blocking your way. They go out from time to time, but getting through might be dangerous. If the killer hits you you might be puched back into the lasers. So get your weapon out and shoot at the killer at the other end.

Phonecall with Bouchard

When he falls a film sequence starts. The killer's telephone rings. Lara picks it up. It's Bouchard, he asks whether Lara is dead. He says that they must continue to Prague. Nice information for our Lara.

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