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The Vault of Trophies

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Upper Water Labyrinth

Dive along the passage, which is the entrance Kurtis had probably spoken of. And here they don't want any uninvited visitors. You will meet the first trap before you reach the first pocket of air. Watch the spikes coming out of the wall carefully. Wait for the right moment to dive through. Then swim up to the airhole to catch some breath. You cannot swim into the next passage on the left since the current keeps you from entering, it's a dead end anyway. Dive into the right passage instead. The trap here is inactive, and by taking this route you will avoid the active trap in the passage ahead. Dive to the left twice. At the end is another air pocket. To your left is the trap you just bypassed. On the right is another dead end, so dive into the passage ahead. You can see this all in the diagram. The red marks are traps, the blue are air pockets. Dive down into the shaft.

Passages, Airholes and Damaged Wall

Dive down and when you reach the column dive to the right. At the end of the passage you have to dive to the left. Before you reach the next column you have to dive to the right and then up to reach an air pocket.

Climb out of the water at the right wall - it is not as steep as the others. Collect the bandages and the ammo and jump back into the water.

Dive back into the other passage and dive ahead. Follow the bends. At the end you come to a bricked wall. Lara can kick it in. Press action. Dive through the hole in the wall into the large flooded hall. There is no airhole here. On the opposite wall is another brick wall. Kick it in to find and air pocket.

Hall with Knights

In the large chamber outside are a several knight statues. Dive back out into that chamber. Behind each knight is a niche with a rope, if you pull the rope the knight in front will be moved to the center ot the chamber. As long as you do not pull the correct ropes the knight that was in the middle before will be moved back. Each of these statues has a plate with a name. You might want to check Werner's diary for a new entry. "FRATRIBUS COLLATES IANUAE PATENT". This is latin and the meaning is: When the brothers collide the door opens. Underneath your air pocket you will find a board at the wall. There you will find the same words. But there is also the picture of two knights and the letters L and V. Examine the name plates. You will find a Vasiley (aha!?) and a Limoux. So it's pretty obvious that you have to pull the ropes behind those two statues. They will be moved into the center and open the door.

Floating Platforms

Dive up through the opening. A video sequence starts. Lara pulls herself out of the water and get changed again. Run into the cave. Be careful, when you reach the bottom of the cave suddently a huge rock will fall from the ceiling. It is pulled up again... falls again... etc. Wait till it goes up again and jump quickly to the left where you will find an alcove. Run to the abyss. On the right you will find a lever. If you pull the lever a couple of platforms appear. We have seen them before, in Sanctuary of Flame. Most of these platforms will break away. I made it with a standing jump to the second one ahead, second from the left. This platform will not last for long so jump onto the large stone ledge on the right. You have to grab the ledge. Some more platforms will appear. Make a standing jump onto the rear left platform and from there onto solid ground. Run down and into the passage.


Enter the chamber. On the left are two knights lurking. If they get on your nerves, try to get them to follow you back to the abyss and use the shotgun to push them over the edge. Do not hesitate but run to the right and operate the lever there. Lara gets another Power Up! (upper body strength) and a shelf at the left wall is moved. In the niche you can find bandages. Then run to the other wall and pull the chain on the left to pull up the picture in the middle. Climb up at the broken wall behind it. Then climb to the right to reach a wooden beam. Jump up to the grating and climb till you are above the bridge. Let go and regain some strength. Then climb further along the grating to the left to reach the middle of the chamber. Drop down onto the chandelier. It will be lowered and another door below opens.

The Fifth Painting

Hang from the ledge and drop carefully down to the ground. The opened alcove is opposite of where the bandages were. There you can collec the last Obscura Painting. The fire in the fireplace has gone out. Crawl into the fireplace. The door opens. Jump into the water. Dive along the long passage. At the end you will come to a huge shaft. Here Eckhardt has been waiting for you. He has caught Kurtis and forces Lara to give him the painting.

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