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The Angel of Darkness Technical Problems

The Angel of Darkness has been released for PC, PlayStation 2 and Mac.

All Systems:

Lara won't sprint

That's not a bug. Lara gets the ability to sprint later throughout the game. And yes, it's the same as look. (You can look around when you are standing, Sprint when you are running.)

Camera turned around

Some people reported a bug where the camera was suddelny showing Lara and wouldn't change back. If this happens:
Use stealth mode and approach a nearby wall. Hug the wall by pressing action. The camera will show Lara from the front. Press action again to release the wall and hopefully the camera will be normal again.

Releasing observation cameras (Louvre Galleries/Archaeological Dig ...)

You can realease the cameras by pressing the crouch button.


System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/2000/ME/XP (Windows 95 and NT Not Supported)
  • Pentium III 500 Mhz or Higher
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 16 MB 3D Video Card
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • 200 MB free disk space
  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP
  • 1.5 GHz CPU
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 64MB Graphiccard 100% TnL capable, DX9 compatible
  • 3D Soundcard (EAX2 or I3DL2)
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • 200 MB harddrive space


There are two patches 42 and 52, you should install before running the game. Check out the Eidos Site.

Ask Eidos:

Eidos has put together some FAQs for the game. Have a look at the site: If your problem is not listed here, I cannot solve it. I am not the official support for the game - just a helpful person.

Game Crashes

If your game keeps crashing, there are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

  1. Make sure you have installed everything that came with the game: EAX (not on Vista!) and DirectX 9.0a (unless you have a better version installed already)
  2. Download the latest drivers for your graphics- and sound-card and install them.

      This is from the Eidos Website:
    • Q: Do I need to update all my drivers?
      A: Yes

    • Q: Are you sure?
      A: YES, update your drivers. Graphics, Sound and AGP drivers.

  3. Dowload the latest patch from Eidos:
    You need to first install Patch 42 and then 52.
  4. Deactivate all programms running in the background (Anti-Virus programs, firewalls...) and any others that might interfere (ICQ and other chat clients...)
  5. If you have an AMD Computer, turn off the multi-threaded and SSE options in the GAME SETTINGS.
  6. Check your monitor and Game Settings. If the monitor uses 16-bit color (High Color) and the settings in TR are 32-bit, this might cause a problem as well. Adjust the Game settings to 16-bit. (Thanks to: Klaus Petrat for reporting this.) You can also adjust your general settings to 32-bit (True Color). Try the other method if one does not work for you.

PC: After installing the new Patch my Savegames don't work any more.

That's correct. However some of them might still work. Just try it and when they all don't work try downloading some of mine, start again or make a clean install of the game without Patch.

Stability got worse after the Patch?

Some people have reported that the bugs got worse after installing the Patches. I cannot confirm this. With the 52 Patch we've gotten AoD stable on 5 different Systems. On Duron, Athlon, Pentium and Centrino, on GeForce and Radeon alike.

Savegames for you

There are some well known spots, where the game crashes (in the Sanitarium after a video; in Strahov Fortress in the ventilation shaft.) I offer savegames for these spots. Alas they've been made without patch, so you might not be able to use them if you have a patched version.

Mickey Mouse Voice

Yay, I got it too, finally on the laptop. The solution is:
run dxdiag, choose sound, set the hardware acceleration to none. See picture on the right!

On the Laptop

Getting AoD to run on a laptop is a challenge but not impossible. If you have a shared memory graphics card however you might turn around and give up right now...
Here are the problems Jan and I encountered:
  • mickey mouse voice (solution see above)
  • missing look/sprint button (As the look button is 0 on the numberpad you have to remap it. What you are looking for is the sprint button in the control option panel. It might be missing in some unpatched versions of the game --> install the patch.)

PlayStation 2

This game will only run on a PlayStation2, not the regular PlayStation (or PSOne...), you will need a Dual-Shock 2 Controller and a Memory Card (384 KB free space) to run the game.


The official site for the Mac game can be found here:

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later
  • PowerPC G4/G5
  • 3D Graphics Acceleration required 32MB VRAM minimum
    • 1 GHz or faster PowerPC required with ATI Radeon 7500 or nVidia GeForce 2mx/4mx
    • 733 Mhz or faster PowerPC required with ATI Radeon 8500 or nVidia GeForce 3 and faster
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 4X CD-ROM
  • 1.3 GB free disk space

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
© 2000 - 2021 tombraidergirl This walkthrough is not to be copied onto other webpages, printed and used in any other way than for personal use. If there are any errors/typos/missing images, please report them in our forum, or if you have any suggestions please contact me. If you need help use the forum. The TR I & II Walkthroughs are based on the UK PSX version and the others are based on the German PC version.