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The Angel of Darkness Hints

Here you will find the most common problems mentioned. If this doesn't help you with your problem, have a look at the detailed walkthrough or ask for help in our Forum. This file only helps you with gameplay problems, see Technical Support or Controls for more.

Hints for the following levels can be found below.

Serpent Rouge

  • Getting Up
    There are a few tough spots on your way up.
    - move a crate towards the railing and climb up onto the scaffold
    - jump onto the moving scaffold with the light system
    - climb onto the upper part of the scaffold and jump towards the right when bridge is in front

  • The Box
    Find the Control Room, to get the power up kick the bridge! Inside are two triggers, one moves the scaffold with the spotlight, the other pulls out the nearest spotlight into the box. (if you have pulled out the wrong spotlight, move it back in by using that switch again.)

  • Forum
    You can find more in the Forum: The Angel of Darkness - Le Serpent Rouge


  • Power Up
    The most common problem here seems to be the power up. And alas one of the other walkthroughs got it wrong so if you cannot make it as described there, please follow our guide!!
    The crypt you have to break down to gain the power up is the one in the fenced area with the statue. That's the one at the other end of the graveyard on the left. The single fenced crypt only contains goodies, and you will need the powerup to open it. The angel statue can also be pushed after the power up.

  • Goodies - breaking in the door
    Another common problem is getting the goodie behind the wall, where a door is where you will need a power up. This is the same power up I mentioned before. After getting it, you have to climb onto the crypt where you came down when you picked Pierres mission, if you didn't you will find it back at the beginning on the left, by the stone wall. From there you can make a difficult sideflip into the yard behind. There is a door you can break down with the power up.

  • Forum:
    You can find a thread about this level in the Forum: Angel Of Darkness - St. Aicard's Graveyard


  • Using the Pawnshop
    If you want to get some money for your items, you have to visit Rennes before you go to Bouchard. After your trip to the hideout Rennes will be dead.

  • Wallet
    Search Rennes' corpse to find his wallet. It can be opened in the inventory.

  • Explosion
    Pick up all but one item. Choose one from where you can get to the switch quickest to be the last. Save your game. (Note the "bug" JC has mentioned below.) Pick up the last item. Then make a roll, hurry to the button and press it. Run outside and to the trapdoor on the right. Open it. Jump down, roll. Run along the passage - you will move quicker when you jump - Jump down into the duct and turn quickly. Just a few more steps ahead and you are out. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Keep practicing.

  • Getting more goodies than planned
    When you go to deliver the passports to the pawnshop in section 9 enter the vault and leave at least one item. Leave the establishment and go back out to the street the way you came in. When you return to the pawnshop all of the items will be in the vault once more. The unfortunate proprietor's wallet will also be on the floor once again. (Who knows, maybe you can sell them later.) You can repeat this as many times as you like. Now, of course, you really don't need the same map again and again but the ammo in the vault will certainly come in handy later on. I'm sure there are many purists out there who will not want to take advantage, but for those of us who don't mind having an edge, I hope this is useful.

  • Forum:
    You can find a thread about this level in the Forum: The Angel of Darkness - pawn shop


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Archaeological Dig

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Hall of Seasons

  • Traps For the trap circle room in "Hall of Seasons", the easiest way to avoid the rolling death engine is to run to the wall and drop to crawl, it then harmlessly passes over you.
    (K Fenn)

  • Keeper
    In the room with the spirit that kicks your butt, get all of the stuff around on the ground. The spirit doesn't attack as hard on the sides. After you have everything, save it. I ran back to the door that you came in and faced the statues. Get out the shotgun and shoot the spirit until he is not moving ( that only last a few seconds). You might have to do that a few times. When he is floating run over to the blue light, you'll see the hand appear, hurry and grab the Obscura painting and go to the door, it will be opening. Good luck.

  • Keeper When the keeper in the hall of seasons attacks you, you can simply crouch and she will float over u not taking any life of u.

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Von Croy's Apartment

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When you get to Von Croy's Apartment gather up all the goodies then get the walking stick. The stick causes "The Cleaner" to shoot through the wall. Shoot him a bunch of times and he will eventually drop his gun after being out of ammo. Go through the opening in the wall and grab all the stuff. Walk out the open door and stop, turn right, more lasers. This is where I had the most trouble. Died trying everything but... get this, press crawl and stealth. She will get down on her belly. Good luck.

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