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A series of grisly murders brings Lara into conflict with a sinister Alchemist from the past, and a secret alliance of powerful individuals shrouded in mystery. At the center of these mysteries are the Obscura Paintings - five 14th century pieces of art that the Alchemist is desperate to repossess. Accused of the murder of her one time mentor, Werner Von Croy, Lara becomes a fugitive on the run. Pursued by the police, she follows the Alchemist into a dark world of blood, betrayal and vengeance where it is up to her to defeat this unholy alliance, and stop them from unleashing their incredible powers on the world.

Full Story

2 days earlier (EN_CHASE.mpg)

Outside, a thunder storm rages. Lara Croft and Werner von Croy sit in his apartment.

Von Croy: "Help me Lara. I need you to get something for me."
Lara: "Go on."
Von Croy: "I am tracking five Obscura Paintings for a client called Eckhardt, but he's a psychopath."
Lara: "Why should I care?"
Von Croy: "Because I'm being stalked. People are dying out there."
Lara: "Handle it, Werner."
Von Croy: "Lara, please. Look! Go and see this woman, Carvier. She can help.
Lara: "I'm going."

Werner holds Lara back. She pushes him back into the chair.

Lara: "Egypt, Werner. You walked away and left me."

Werner pulls out his gun.

Von Croy: "Get out."

The light goes out and a couple of shots are heard. We see Werner struggle and then Lara examines the corpse. She turns him around and then finds her hands are blood streamed.

Parisian Back Streets

Lara is being chased by the police through the streets of Paris. She enters a building and runs up the stairs. She is chased by two dogs. At the end she falls out of the window. One of the dogs got her backpack. Lara runs further along and jumps over the railing into a backyard.

At the start of the level, Lara is standing in a yard.

Lara: "This looks like a safe area, but I need to find a way out."

After looking around, she spots something in a corner.

Lara: "That bin looks climbable."

She will then give instructions to the gamer.

Lara: "To climb onto the bin stand next to it and press the up cursor key."

After she has climbed up, onto the bin, she will continue to explain.

Lara: "To grab the balcony walk to the edge of the bin and press the Jump key. Then push the up Cursor key to climb up."

Lara: "This gap looks easy, to jump it walk to the edge and stop. Remember, holding the Walk key will stop me from falling off."

Lara: "Now press the jump button and the up Cursor key at the same time."

Lara will come to a ladder.

Lara: "To climb the ladder stand facing it and press the up Cursor key."

Lara: "To get off press the left Cursor key."

Lara will spot an opening in the wall, where a window should have been.

Lara: "Maybe I can climb through that window, walk up to the window and press the up Cursor key."

After climbing in, Lara will want to explore the room.

Lara: "I'll have a look around whilst I'm here. To open drawers and cupboards stand in front of them and press Action."

Lara can examine the wardrobe, but she won't be able to open it without a tool.

Lara: "It looks like I need something to force this open."

After climbing up the next ladder, Lara will look over to the other side of the building.

Lara: "The jump to that canopy looks challenging but I think I'll make it. Walk to the edge and stop."

She approaches the edge.

Lara: "Now press up Cursor and Jump together. Then press Action in mid-air to grab the canopy."

On the other side, Lara will want to climb over the railing on the left.

Lara: Walk up to the railings, stop and press the up Cursor key and I'll vault over easily.

After the short detour over the railing, Lara will walk over to the other end of the canopy.

Lara: "I can hop to the other side. Hold down walk and press Jump."

After the jump Lara will spot the drainpipe at the wall.

Lara: "To climb the drainpipe walk up to it and press the up Cursor key."

She will then find that walking over the loose board seems to be trickier than thought at first.

Lara: "Remember that by holding the walk key I won't fall over any ledges."

Lara climbs up the drainpipe.

Lara: "To climb off the drainpipe at the top press the up Cursor along with the right or left Cursor key depending on the direction you want to go."

From the drainpipe Lara will climb over to the roof's ledge.

Lara: "Don't keep me hanging around. I need to reach the roof before I lose my grip."

After a short rest on the tiny roof, Lara is prepared to continue.

Lara: "Now I've got my strength back I can shimmy around that corner."

She will come to the roof of the building.

Lara: "Made it! No time to waste. I need to get to Carvier's appartment."

She spots a shed up here.

Lara: "Could be something useful in there. I need a way to prize those doors open."

Lara will spot a movable barrel in one corner of the roof.

Lara: "To move the barrel stand next to it, then press and hold Action. Whilst still holding Action, press the up or down Cursor key to push or pull the barrel."

Lara will look down at the gap behind where the barrel was.

Lara: "There's a crowbar down there! That'll come in useful. To hang from the edge of the building walk to the ledge and press Action. To make me let go press Action again or press the up Cursor key to climb back up."

When picking up the crowbar, Lara will notice that she might have to get to the walkway on the left.

Lara: "I need to shimmy to that walkway, but I don't think I'm strong enough yet."

After prying open the door of the shed using the crowbar, Lara will feel a change.

Lara: "I feel stronger now."

Inside a wardrobe in the shed she finds a weapon, the M-V9.

After shimmying to the walkway, Lara will find that she needs to move carefully.

Lara: "I need to move quietly. Press the Stealth key and then use the Cursor keys to move me around. To hug the wall whilst moving in Stealth, press the Action button when I'm standing next to it. Push right or left to move me. When I reach a corner I will peer around."

On a wooden rack, she will spot the Gantry Gate Key.

Lara: "Great, there's the key!"

Lara uses the key to open the gate. She will then climb down the ladder.

Derelict Apartment Block

A helicopter appears overhead. We see Lara taking a few steps back to run in the door. Policemen storm up a set of stairs. Lara kicks in the door and flees into the Apartment Block. She barres the door behind her.

After pushing the wardrobe in front of the door to gain a headstart, Lara runs up the stairs. After a few landings the door bursts open and the police men throw in gas bombs. Two stay by the door, one advances further into the building. Lara jumps over a gap in the stairs and then comes to a part where the floor has caved in. When she approaches, a boulder falls down from above and widenes the gap. Before she continues, she finds a locked door in the passage on the left that is not barred.

Lara: "This door is locked. I'll need a key."

Lara will then jump over the wide gap in the floor. After pushing a wardrobe aside, Lara will find a door she can run in.

Lara: "I feel stronger now."

With this new gained strength Lara continues up the stairs. She will come to a part that is blocked with rubble. But she will be able to move a crate on the previous landing. She moves it and then cimbs on top to jump to the railing of the upper level. She climbs up and enters the maintenance room on the right. There she picks up two keys, the Lift Maintenance Key, which will give her access to the roof and Apartment Key for Apartment 21. She then activated the lift and heads down back to Apartment 21 to pick up the items inside. Then she returns to the top and exits towards the roof.

Industrial Roof Tops

Lara climbs onto a block and up a ladder. Above she spots a cable.

Lara: "That wire looks like it will take my weight."

She jumps up to the wire and traverses across. A moment later the helicopter appears and starts shooting at Lara and if that weren't enough she will come to a spot where she can't simply continue.

Lara: "Press duck to tuck my legs up."

Lara pulls up her legs and will continue climbing to the next roof. She reaches the other side and will hurry to get out of the helicopter's sight. She will climb down. At the bottom she will push around a heavy object.

Lara: "My Legs feel stronger."

She spots an empty warehouse where she can do some climbing. Lara advances towards the ledge and faces the other side of the broken stairs.

Lara: "I reckon I'll make it across."

Lara then climbs up inside the storage hall and gets out onto the fire escapes, which bring her onto the next roof. Here Lara approaches an opening in the fence. She takes a running jump onto a drain pipe to escape the helicopter. The pipe breaks and Lara falls into the dumpster. Lara climbs out of the dumpster, a note in her hand.

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