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(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Tomb of Ancients

Wade ahead. Suddenly the passage fills with water. Dive up to get out into the huge chamber from before, at the end of a bridge section. Swim through the passage into the large cave. Dive to the surface to catch some air. In one corner you will find a niche into which you can climb out. The camera angle is very bad. Here you will find Bangades. (Apparently you can get some more goodies if you use some of the levers again and dive back to the chamber where you found the VPacker. I wasn't able to move the lever at all, so I cannot tell you more about it. But check out the Forum posts.) Dive back into the water and continue into the shaft to return to the excavation site.

Excavation Site

You will come out through a kind of manhole. Run to the fence at the entrance and climb onto the crate there. From there you can climb over the fence. Go to the door on the right and return to the Louvre.


Run up the stairs. The passage is still as empty as before. So you have to continue through the door. Back in the museum run up the stairs. You come to an open area, with the first intruder. He notices Lara immediately, despite creeping. So don't hesitate and kill him. Collect the Ammo he loses. Now you have to climb further up the stairs. In the Cutscene you can see Gunderson and his men appear wearing gas masks, apparently they wanted to get the paiting as well. But we have to get further up the stairs where you have to kill the next guard. When he is out of the way follow the passage and step through the door.


You are now surrounded by gas. Shoot the guy with gas mask and pick up his weapon, a Mag Vega. You can sneak up to him from behind and take him down in a stealth attack. Run into the next hall. The chap coming down a rope at the other end will propably notice you anyway. Shoot him quickly. I used the K2 Impactor with success. Run outside and there through the open door on the left. In the stairway you'll meet the next intruder. Use the K2 Impactor. In the office use the K2 Impactor again to kill the next baddy. Run through the first door on the right and then again right through the glass door. In the right cabinet you will find some gas masks. Collect one. In addition Lara can now run faster. The official strategy guide - at least the German - now mentions that you should use the scanner on the paintin. Most people (if not all) weren't able to do that. If you did it please let us know how. Don't forget to mention on which system you did it.


Get out the gas mask from the inventory and use it. But still you should use your new ability to run faster. Return to the passage outside and run out to the stairs. On the way you will see that the door below is now unlocked. Run into the hall and eliminate the two intruders there. Now open the door on the left to come into another hall. Here another baddy will come down a rope. Get rid of him or sprint past. Run to the back and step through the door to come to the main staircase, if you are too slow you will meet two more baddies here. Run down the stairs and around the corner. Here you have to turn right and through the door. Run to the left into the exhibition hall, where you will meet Kurtis.

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