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The Sanitarium

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Way down

Now you have to continue the game as Kurtis. The controls are similar to Laras. The weapon we have is a Boran X, which Kurtis has made himself, let's hope it's useful. Besides that we have one of the crystal shards in our pack. On the right you can collect some ammo. Hang from the ledge and drop down onto the lower level. Here you will find more ammo. Jump onto the ledge at the wall and climb down the ladder. With a running jump get towards the platform at the lift. Run to the other end and drop further down. There you will find health pills. Again drop further down from the end. Here you have to climb onto the roof of the elevator and then you have to get down through the trapdoor. Climb down the two ladders. Then take a standing jump up to the level above. Pull yourself up and run to the door which opens.

Dead Guards

The next door opens and a creature comes out. Kill it. Take a closer look at the dead guard. In the video you will see how the Proto pulls away a second corpse. Collect the ammo. Step out into the next passage where you will encounter another creature. Try not to waste any ammo here. Run into the chamber on the right. There you can talk with a guy to learn some more. He tells you that they are held prisoner and are later fed to the Proto. But when the power went off the Proto killed some of the guards. After the chat run back outside.

Key Code

Go towards the door in the proximity and check out the keypad. Kurtis will use his abilities to get the code 06289. Enter this code to open the door.

Creatures Everywhere

Keep running and open the next barred door. Behind it you will encounter the next mutant creature you have to get rid of. Run through the passage to the end and open the next door. Again a creature will attack. At the end of the passage you can open the next door. And guess what you will find on the other side of it, another mutant. (It's getting boring.) On the right side is a chamber with another creature. Free the poor soul from his misery and enter the chamber. Take a look around to the chocolate. Then run back outside and follow the passage further along. The next creature will come towards you.

Mess Hall

If you run further along you will reach a mess hall. Here a creature dressed in red is running around. Kill it or just ignore it. At the door on the right is a sign with the numbers 38471. Then run into the mess hall where you can collect some ammo and chocolate. Behind the counter is another creature. Otherwise there is nothing to do here at the moment. The door on the right side of the messhall is closed. So continue further along the passage for now. Another creature appears. On the right is an open door, however the chamber behind it is empty. The chamber on the left is empty as well.

Strahov Assistant's Pass Card

Run outside, to the next door and step through. Enter the next area, where you can find some ammo on the floor. On the right you can see a killed scientist. Collect the Strahov Assistant Pass he has lost. Run back and step through the door again to return to the mess hall.

Mess Hall Part 2

Run back to the mess hall and there to the door on the right. You can open this with the card you have collected. Inside you have to climb up the stairs. In the passage above you will find a large medipack at the right end. After collectiong it, run into the other direction. On your way you must jump over a gap. At the end you'll find a control panel, enter your combination 38471. This will open the door below, where the number was written across the wall.

Ventilation Shafts and Laboratory

The door on the left is locked. Run to the right. The video shows you, what happens in the laboratory. The monster attacks the next scientist.
A lot of people encountered problems here where the game crashed after they stepped through the door. The problem seems to be the video. I have two savegames for you, one right before, the other after the video. Hopefully at least one of them will work for you. (This Savegames is originally not mine, so don't be surprised if the inventory is completely different from what you expect from this walkthrough.)
The next creature is coming from the right. Take care of it. Run to the left, through the open door. Opens the ventilation shaft at the end on the right side. Crawl through and get up at the end. Climb up into the next shaft and follow it. At the end jump down into the laboratory. Here you can open the next ventilation shaft. Crawl inside. Here you have to climb further up into the next shaft.

Chamber with Fan

You will emerge by a chamber with a fan. In the next chamber behind the fan you can see the Proto and his latest victim. It seems the Proto's hunger is never stilled. Lower yourself down into the chamber. Collect the ammo. In this chamber you can see a broken ladder attached to a platform. You cannot climb up. Aim at the yellow gas bottles. If they explode the broken ladder will fall to the ground. You can now pull up onto the scaffold. Jump there and grab the ledge. Operate the lever you will find on top to turn off the fan. Climb back down and crawl through the gap by the fan. The monster is already gone.

Reaching Containment Area

The next ventilation shaft is open. Crawl inside. You will emerge in a passage. On the left side is a locked door which leads back. So instead run to the right. There you will come to the Containment Area.

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