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Bio Research Facility

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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The Gardner

Somewhere between here and the previous door Lara got changed. She must be quick. She is now wearing shorts and has put away the jacket. Run through the opening the door into the garden. Talk with the gardner, who is a big fan of Eckhardt's plans. He tells Lara that the last Nephilim is already in the Strahov. Then he sprays gas into your face and disappears.

Secret Passage

In the left corner you can find some Ammo. But careful, the plant there is very aggressive. In the corner by the bushes on the same side you can find more Ammo. The door at the top of the stairs is firmly locked. Run back to the middle of the garden and examine the fountain. One of the heads can be used as a lever. By using it you will move one of the stone statues by the entrance on the right and reveal a secret passage. Run inside and follow the passage. At the end you have to climb a ladder. You can find 2 packages of ammo above. Operate the lever to open the security door in the garden. Climb down again and return to the garden.

Mutated Animals

Now run through the door. Inside the passage, press the yellow switch to open the next door as well. You are now in a part of the lab. A creature breaks free of his container. Someone gave me the hint not to shoot this creature as it is very slow and other creatures will not be triggered then. But for now the walkthrough contains all the mutated animals. If you want to start a fight, don't run down the stairs yet. Climb onto the railing or one of the columns. Take care of the creature from up here. If you wait long enough you can also take care of the slaters which appear. Below on the left, beside the stairs you can find bandages. Run to the other side where 6 slaters appear. With the help of the glass containers you can get rid of them faster. If the creatures get into contact with the green acid, they are killed.

Drainpipe and 2 Wheels

Run up the stairs on the right side. At the end you can find Ammo. Run back down. Now run up the stairs on the left. By the large plant you can find more Ammo. In addition you will find a drainpipe at the column, keep that in mind. For now keep going to the end, where you will find some ammo. Now return to the pipe and climb up to the middle platform. Run to the right, where you will find a wheel and operate this. Then run over to the left. You have to jump over the gaps in the walkway. Use the wheel on this side as well. Inside the tank where the mutant broke free a trapdoor opens. You can now climb down the ladder and drop down the last bit, however you will lose quite some energy. I recommend climbing down the drainpipe again.

Bio Dome - Lower Section

Run to the tank and let yourself down through the opening. You will drop into the water. Swim towards the shore and pull out. Follow the path. You'll come to a pool. In front is a slope and opposite is a ladder. Jump while sliding to reach the ladder. If you drop in the water, you have to swim into the next chamber and avoid the fish there. Then swim towards the ladder quickly and climb out, to emerge in the next chamber on the lowest level. Climb up the ladder. Here you can collect a small medipack. Open the door and step through. Follow the path anf run up the stairs. Open the door and watch the guard. Kill the guard and then run down to the bottom. There jumps onto the pipe to collect the Ammo. Then go towards the wheel and operate it to turn off the pipe, the leakage above will be sealed. Run up the stairs again.

Bio Dome - The Lift

Run down the other set of stairs. There you can climb up at the greenery on the left wall. Climb over to the right wall and there further upward. When you have reached the top you can step out onto the walkway. To activate the lift elsewhere, operated the lever there. The lift moves to the other side. Climb down the ladder again. Then climb down the greenery and drop down onto the walkway.

Bio Dome - Upper Section

Run to the gap and jump.

Run there to the left and climb the ladder upward. There you can collect Ammo and health pills. Climb back down.

Then go to the narrow ledge. Sneak along the wall towards the drainpipe at the end. Climb up the drainpipe and there to the left. If Lara doesn't want to grab the ledge on the left, you must press up and left at the same time. Pull up on the left. There you can climb at the greenery at the wall. Climb quickly to the lift. Run across the walkway and climb down the ladder at the en. Also climb down the next ladder. Below you have to run to the switch at the wall and operate it. The door opens. Run inside. To open the next door you have to use the switch on the right.

The Guard Plant

Run along the passage. The nasty plant closes the door. Climb down the ladder. Run towards the giant mushrooms, in order to find Ammo there. Then run up the metal staircase. The small cabinet here is empty. But you can find 5 wheels with symbols nearby. Take a look at the sketches pinned to the wall left of it. Push aside the table to get a better view. There are 4 different combinations. One is marked. Now one could think that this has been crossed out, because it's the wrong one, but that's not the case. That's exactly the one you have to use. So turn the 1, 2 and 4 wheel. Then use the lever on the right. The plant will release the door. Step through the opened door and open the next gate.

Low Access Card

In the film sequence a guard is shown to you. He is on the upper walkway and has been killed. He has lost his Access Card. First sneak behind the tree trunk on the right, so that the guard down here won't see you at once. Kill him. He loses a Low Access Card. Collect it.

Medium Access Card

Then climb into the garden in the center of this dome. There you have to climb up the ladder. Run along to the right. At the end you come to a gap. Take a running jump to get over the gap on the right side. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Up the stairs a guard is waiting for you. Kill him. He loses a Medium Access Card. Careful, further up is another guard, who is shooting at you. You can kill him from down here. Run down the stairs again and follow the path to the left to find some Ammo. Climb down the ladder and drop down the rest to reach the ground again.

Way to the Top

Climb up the ladder in the garden in the middle again. This time run to the left. Run up the stairs there. Above you will find a locked door on the left. Go straightforward, towards the platform. From this make a standing jump onto the second. Then you have to continue down onto the third. Further down you can find bandages, but I will come to that on the way back. First jump onto the fourth platform. From here you must jump to the gap in the railing and pull yourself up there. Run to the dangerous looking plants. Behind it is a broken bridge. Lara sais that she cannot do the jump yet. Instead run to the large tree. There run along to the right until you come to a gap. If you master the jump there, Lara will be strongly enough to do the other jump as well. Collect the large medipack and jump back to the other side. Run back to the plants. Now make the big jump there. Grab the ledge and pull up. Run to the left. Run up the stairs and follow the way to the end. There you will find a drainpipe covered with greenery. Climb up and at the top to the right. There you have to pull up onto the walkway.

Video Sequence

From here you can see what happens above. Müller - our gardner friend, Gunderson, Eckhardt and Boaz have a conversation. Apparently Boaz has ignored Eckhardt's orders and didn't kill the Proto Nephili, like she should have done. Eckhardt punishes her for her disobedience and feeds her to a genetically altered beast.

High Access Card

You will now come to the spot with the dead guard. Collect the High Access Card he has left you. At the end you can find some more Ammo. There is nothing else to do here, so climb down again. In the corner you will find an opening with a plant. Drop down onto the level below. Run along the path to the tree and there over to the door, which can be opened from this side. Step through.

Again step towards the platforms on the left. Now slide down the roof and grab the ledge before you fall. Shimmy to the left, until you can climb down at a drainpipe. You will end up on a ledge. Follow it to the left, in order to find bandages there. Then jump down into the water and climb out at the stairs.

Look for the gate in the proximity, there you will find three card readers at the right wall. One for each of the three different cards. Use them all to open the next door.

Caught in the Air-Lock

Run down the stairs and in the next chamber cross the walkway. You will end up in an air-lock. Push the button to open the other door. Run towards the next door on the left. Lara will go inside and is trapped. Don't worry, this is "only" Kurtis' doing. He tells Lara to behave for a few minutes. He tells her that he needs to turn on the power again and that she would be safe in here. Fine, nothing to do for Lara but wait.

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