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Rennes' Pawnshop

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Enter the Pawnshop. What the hell has happened here? It looks really messy here. Eckhardt will rush past you in the hallway. Lara puts the passports on the counter. Step behind the counter and run down into the storage room. In the corner you can see Rennes corpse, poor devil. Pick up his Wallet. Go to the inventory and examine the wallet. Inside you will find a sheet of paper with the Code 14529. If you cannot read this sheet and are playing on the PC you have picked the wrong resolution for your graphic card! Take a look around. In the far right corner you can find a bomb placed on a sofa. On the left side is a trapdoor that is locked for now. Ahead is a security door with a numberpad. Open this by using our code. Again if you cannot read the numbers, you have to change the resolution of your graphic card!

Secure Chamber

Step inside the chamber. Here you will find a Dart SS, a K2 Impactor, Ammo for both, Explosives, Map of the Louvre Sewers and a Map of the Archaeological Dig. Collect them all. As soon as you pick up the last item the bomb outside will be activated and a countdown will start. The door closes. Hurry towards the switch before the Video can start. After the video hurry to press the button and get out through the door. Turn right and run towards the trapdoor. Drop down quickly and make a roll. Alternatively jump in. Run ahead and jump straight into the next duct. Turn left and run further ahead till the Video starts. Lara runs out of the pipe and jumps towards the water. She lands on a boat. Kurtis watches from the other shore.

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