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Park (Bernard)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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When coming from the church the park is just opposite. But first the is some more information to get. Run to the end of the Rue Dominique. Follow the road down. On the left side are stairs leading up. Behind the door at the top you will find the Herbalist. He will tell you that you need money and a password if you want to get past Bouchard's guard. That's the one standing right next to the church guarding the graveyard entrance. Leave the herbalist. It's time to get a password.


Time to enter the park. Here you will meet Bernard. He wants 160 Euro or he wont talk at all. He tells you that an item that belongs to him (a little chest) is still in the Serpent Rouge and he want's it back. - Pierre will tell you the exact same story. - He will give you a password in exchange for the chest. And this password is what you'll need to get past the graveyard guard. Bernard will give you a key for the Serpent Rouge garage. Take a further look aroun. Down the stairs you will find a locked gate behind which you can spot a lot of goodies. But now back onto the road.

You can now visit the Cafe Metro to find out what you've missed.

Place D'Arcade

Run along the Rue Dominique to the left side to reach the Place D'Arcade. In front of the Cafe Metro a Motorbike is parked. There is nothing more to do so enter the Cafe.

In the Cafe

Look at this. If this isn't Kurtis sitting around in the corner on the right. He is not very talkative, reading his newspaper. The toilet is locked, damn it, can't a girl go to the loo after such a hard night? Ok, so there is not much to do here either, besides talking to Pierre. Walk up to the counter and start a conversation. But since you have already made the deal with Bernard Pierre will only ask you what you want to drink.

Garage Entrance

Run down to the road where the Serpent Rouge is, the "Cours La Seigne". Go towards the garage entrance. With the key Bernard gave you you can open the door and step inside. Through the manholes in the Rue de Clef and on the mainroad you can reach a part of the Bouchard Level but you will need a Powerup from the Serpent Rouge to solve all riddles there.
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