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The Lost Domain

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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We are back with Lara. She's standing in another cave. Run into the passage on the right. You will come to a locked gate with a medipack behind it. Run past and slide down at the end. Jump before you drop down into the depth. To make the next jump you have to aim carefully. Walk towards the edge. Then hold down the walk button, press jump and forward to make a short jump. Then make a normal standing jump to the safe platform with the lever. Lara will get a Power Up! (lower body strength) Now use the lever. The gate with the medipack opens. Pull up onto the wooden bridge and run along to the other side. At the end you can collect the large medipack, and step out through the opened door.


Now run back to the left and into the next passage on the right. Save your game. Use the lever to open a door at the other end of the ice platforms. This door is timed and you will have to hurry. You have to start moving while the animation is still running or you won't make it. Turn and make the first jump while still blind. Thanks to the power up you can make the first jump running. You could also shimmy over on the right, but this takes far too long. You can make it over the next gap with a running jump and grabbing the ledge. Again the other path - the passage on the left - would take too long. Make a last jump with grabbing the ledge. And again there is an alternative route on the right, where you would have to shimmy, which takes too long. You have taken a couple of shortcuts but still your time is limited and you might not make it. You have to try and try again. If you cannot make it you know how to get back. Use the alternative routes I have mentioned. But it would be best to save at the lever and try again from there.


Go forwards till you reach the precipice. Go down the stairs. With a standing jump you can reach the platform with the ladder on the left. Climb up. There you have to climb up the next ladder to reach a plank bridge. Step towards the edge and make a running jump to the opposite side. Go towards the slope. Slide down and jump while in the air towards the platform with lever on the right. Grab the ledge and pull up. Use the lever. The fires on both statues in front of the gates go out. Drop carefully down onto the platform below. From here you can make a running jump straight towards the stairs. Run up. The gate opens. Step through.

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