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Eckhardt's Lab

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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You are now in Eckhardt's lab. Well actually we are still in a cave. Run ahead. You will come to a steep slope. Slide down on the left side. Then jump onto the platform to avoid the first lance. From here you have to take a running jump to reach the safe ground on the other side. Run further down to reach the Alchemist's Lab.

In the Lab

Guarding the lab are two aggressive skeletons. Move fast to avoid them or if you have enough ammo shoot them till they fall in any watertank. Use the lever on the left to open the trapdoor in the pool ahead and the one above the ladder. Then run up the stairs. In the right corner you can find an Alchemic Phial #1. Pick it up. Underneath the wooden stairs you can find a Small Medipack. Now run towards the ladder where you have opened the trapdoor and climb up to reach the balcony. Up there run to the left.

On the wooden beam underneath the roof you can see a Large Medipack. With a standing jump you can reach the wooden beam. Pull up and collect the goody. Make a standing jump back.

At the machine in the middle you can use the first Alchemic Phial. Return to the spot where the ladder is. From here you can jump over the railing onto the cage. Examine the roof of the cage closely, on the right you can find a trapdoor. It will open when you step onto it. Here you can collect the Alchemic Phial #2. Now you have to be quick. The cage starts to drop. Hurry towards the cage wall underneath the opening and climb up. At the top shimmy left or right around the corner and pull out onto the roof. Here you are safe as long as you avoid the opening. From here you can reach a crawlspace where you will find the Alchemic Phial #3. Pick it up and return to the roof of the cage. Climb up on the damaged wall. With a backflip from the top you can get back outside. Now use these last two Alchemic Phials at the lower part of the machine and in the chamber with the second pool with boiling water.

Third Crystal Shard

The big waterpod has now cooled down. Jump into it and dive town to reach a pedestal with the third Crystal Shard. (It is my 28th ;-). Aren't these bugs just great?) Pick it up. Another door in the Lab opens. Swim to the surface and climb out. Run towards the newly opened door and step through. Slide down the chute. Lara stops in front of another gate. Run ahead and the door opens. Run into the middle of the arena.


In the Video you can see Eckhardt trying to revive the Sleeper. Lara will step in his was and present her collected shards. She is determined to top Eckhardt.


Now you have to take care of Eckhardt. Some other solutions might suggest shooting at Eckhardt - forget it! He doesn't care. If you have a good graphic card and all effects turned on you can see that forcefield is surrounding the arena. If you can't see it you know it now! You cannot get out. Besides: You don't want to at the moment. Eckhardt will start sending electrical or fire bolts in turns at you.

In both cases stay away from him and duck, or better lie flat on the ground. When Eckhardt jumps up into the air he will appear on the opposite side shortly afterwards. If you say close to the middle and move only slightly away as soon as Eckhardt moves you will make it mainly unharmed.
When Eckhardt starts to bring up three copies of himself you can stop crouching. These three copies will finally come running into the middle, so stay out of the line. When the real Eckhardt appears in the middle, obviously weakened, run towards him and press action. If you did it correctly Lara will use the first Shard and poke it into Eckhardt's body.

You have to repeat this till all three Shards are used.


Before Lara can place the last shard, Karel appears. He will do the dirty work for Lara to get rid of Eckhardt. But he has no intention of stopping the silliness. He tells Lara he will finish Eckhardt's work and revive the Sleeper. He also shows here that he is a changeling, he appears as Bouchard, as Luddik, even as Kurtis.

Watch the next Video.


Now you have to fight Karel. Again all bullets would be wasted. Use the rabbit method; criss-crossing. Run towards Eckhardt's dead body. Pick up Eckhardt's Glove. Then run towards the column to your left. Here you can use the glove to operate the switch. Two ladders will be lowered down into the pit. Run to one of them and climb up. Here you have to find the next ladder and climb it as well. There you have to run to the left. Behind the platform with the control panel you can find another ladder you have to climb. Find the ramp leading towards the sleeper and make a running jump towards the sleeper.


The End Video will start. (A lot of people had trouble with this and couldn't see it. Use the mediplayer to watch it. You can find it at: AOD/data/FMV/END.mpg) Karel will die. Lara finds Kurtis' disc, which will make strange moves when opened. Lara puts it away and steps into the darkness of Boaz' Lair.

Is Kurtis still alive?
I'd say he is. These Cabal people left dead bodies everywhere and since he is not here he must be alive...
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