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Tools & Keys in The Angel of Darkness

Crowbar (Backstreets):
The Crowbar can be found in the first level. You will need it to pry open a shed and gain a powerup. You will find it on a ledge at the roof.
You can find a second crowbar later throughout the game, on the roof of the Louvre.

1st Crystal Shard (Video after "Galleries under Siege"):
Lara will pick up the first Crystal Shard in the Louvre Galleries, where Kurtis has disarmed here.

5th Obscura Painting (Vault of Trophies):
The 5th Obscura Painting can be found in the Vault of Trophies. It's behind an old book shelf, you have to move.

2nd Crystal Shard (Video before "Boaz returns"):
Kurtis throws Lara his Crystal Shard, which she will need to defeat Eckhardt.

Alchemic Phial #1 (Eckhardt's Lab):
In Eckhardt's Lab you can find 3 phials. The first can be picked up on a table in the right corner when you run up the stairs.

Alchemic Phial #2 (Eckhardt's Lab):
The second phial can be found in the cage. Enter it from the top.

Alchemic Phial #3 (Eckhardt's Lab):
The third phial is hidden in a crawlspace in the first water pit. After the cage has crashed you can enter the crawlspace from it's roof.

3rd Crystal Shard (Eckhardt's Lab):
The third and last Crystal Shard can be found in Eckhardt's Lab in the big waterpool after it has cooled down.

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