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The Hall of Seasons - Furnace and Keeper

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(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Using the Crystals

Run back to the entrance, where you can place the four crystals. Each of these crystals will remove one of the bars blocking the door in the trap passage.

Through the door

Again run to the trigger platforms in the middle and step onto the wind platform. Run through the left of the middle door and use the lever there. You will fall through the trapdoor into the cellar. Slide down. If you haven't been here yet, then you will find a large medipack. Collect it and look out into the passage. On the left you have see a machine with spikes. Run to the right and jump over the trench. On the left is now the door. Stand in front and open it, before the machine can get you. Step through. Run down the stairs. The gate at the end opens. Use the lever here and step through the next door.


Run down the next stairs. Run along to the left, there you will find a wheel with a wind symbol. Use it.


Now make a running jump to reach the tower in the middle. A few steps to the left you can find a cable which you can use to shimmy to the outside. There you have to climb the ladder on the left. On the right is the wheel you have to use. After using it climb back down and shimmy back towards the tower.


Hang from the ledge. Let go and grab the next ledge. Run around till you find the next cable. Again shimmy to the outside. At the end let go and drop down onto a beam. Climb up the ladder and make a backflip onto the next beam. Climb up the next ladder. At the top, get off to the right and use the wheel with the earth symbol. Climb back down and climb back towards the tower in the middle.


Now only the fire wheel is left to activate the machine. The lid that was over the wheel is now open. Use the wheel.

The Machine is running

Now you have to be careful if you move around or the machine will hurt you. Search for the ladder and climb down. Here a skeleton might be waiting for you. Avoid it. By the large wheel you can find some Ammo. Collect it. Run around to the right - to run with the turning blades - to reach the ladder at the outer wall. Climb up. Also climb the second Ladder. Run back to the entrance. Use the lever to close the door behind you and open the other one.

Back to the Mainchamber

Run up the stairs. Step out into the circle passage. There turn left. If necessary avoid the death trap. On your way search the side passages for goodies and the lift. Use it to come back to the middle level. If you haven't been here you can collect some Goodies at the first stop. Then take the lift to the top and run out into the main hall.

Way Up

Climb onto the pile of rubble and from the top jump onto the moving pillar when it's at it's lowest. Make a standing jump and grab the ledge of the pillar on the right. Make another standing jump to the next pillar when it's lower than the one you are on. From here continue onto the last pillar. Here turn towards the ring in the middle. You have to take a tiny step back and then jump forwards and grab hold. This took me some time to do as well. There is nothing more I can do for you. You just have to try and try again if you can't make it. Only one of the walkway leads you to the outside. The flat one. Jump over the railing.

Upper Level

Run along to the right. The wall crumbles and a skeleton appears. Run further along till you reach the stairs. Here you have to go up. Run out to the left. Run past the two skeleton. At the end you can climb up at the wall and to the right. There you will reach a platform with lever. This will open a door below. You could climb further along, but Lara isn't strong enough yet. This is one of the most common stuck-questions. Climb down and to the left again. Run back the way you came and to the other end where you find the opened door. Run through and collect the ammo. You can move the stone at the right wall. You will get another Power Up! (upper body strength). Collect the small medipack.

Climbing under the Roof

Run back outside and back to the opposite. Climb back up the the lever. From here we have to start a little journey to the top. Climb up and along the ceiling. Lara will turn around. Here you have to climb over to the little platform at the left wall. You won't make it further up in one go, so you have to rest there. Now you have to try and get further up. Climb back a bit and then up the left. You have to climb up the top and there onto the platform on the left. Run to the big gate wich opens. Run to the left where the next gate opens. Run up the stairs and through the next gate.

Big Final

You will now come into a chamber which is haunted by a red ghost. Here you will find a couple of statues. A blue light is jumping between them. If you cme to close while the ghost is soaring around it will move to a different statue. On the floor you can find the VPacker, VPacker Ammo and medipacks. A sure sign that it might be a tough fight and that you will have to use the VPacker.

This took me some tome, so don't be surprised when you spend some hours playing this part.

Very Important: You have to catch the blue light. But this won't work as long as the ghost is active and nearby. If Lara approaches the light while the ghost is around it will jump to a different spot.

Subject: Use the VPacker to immobilise the red ghost and catch the blue light.

Another Important Hint: If you crouch and crawl the ghost will soar right over you, except for when on the pedestal.

That's how it works:
Pick one statue which you can reach with a side- or backflip. Now make sure that the blue light is at this statue. Now stay at the spot from where you can reach the statue quickly and crouch. Draw the VPacker and shoot at the red ghoste while crouching. Continue till the ghost is numbed. (Save often!!!) Then make a jump to the statue with the blue light and grab it before the ghost is back. You will get one of the Obscura Paintings.

Since there were many problems with this part, here is a savegame (german version):


With the painting you have to flee to the exit. The room below will be filled with water. Wade through the passage to return to the Tomb of Ancients.

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