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The Hall of Seasons

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Symbols by the Entrance

Run through the door ahead. You will come to the Hall of Seasons. In the entrance hall you will find pictures with symbols on both sides. These represent the four seasons, four elements, however you like to put it. Spring = Earth and Summer = Sun (on the left side); Autumn = Wind and Winter = Waves/Water (on the right). It seems like you have to place something into the receptacles. So it's our next task to find those objects.

Doors and Triggers

Open the door ahead to come into the Hall of Seasons. Here you encounter a skeleton, but it's very slow. Look around. You will find 12 doors. These bear the four season symbols. Look at the four triggers on the floor in the middle of the hall. Each one represents one of the seasons. If you step onto any symbol the three doors in the area behind that pad will open. There you will find three entrances and in each you can find a lever. Three altogether. Just one of them is the correct one. Two will lead you down to an area filled with traps. Read the signs at the doors!

Error Correction

If you have picked the wrong lever you will drop down through a trapdoor in a passage with traps. Somewhere there you can find a lift that brings you back up. Made an Error?

Spring (Earth)

I began with the first season, spring. Run towards the trigger platforms and step onto the Earth Trigger, the strange symbol at the back on the left. The three doors in this corner will open. The correct door, the one you have to pick, is the middle one, as you can guess from the symbol at the second door. Run towards the lever and use it. The gate ahead opens. Step through to come to the next level, [Wrath of the Beast].
If you picked the wrong lever (left or right), you have to make your way through the traps in the cellar and get back up. Guide through the Traps

Summer (Sun)

Run towards the trigger platforms again. Step onto the Sun Trigger (looks more like a star). This will open the three doors in that corner. Here you have to pick the right door. If you use it, the gate behind the middle door, as well as the gates connecting the three passages will open. Through the middle door you can reach the [Sanctuary of the Flame].
If you've picked the wrong lever (left or middle) you have to make your way through the traps and back up. Guide through the Traps

Autumn (Wind)

Again run to the trigger platforms in the middle and this time step onto the Wind Trigger to open the next three doors. The correct lever can be found behind the right door. (Note the wind symbol at the second door.) Use the lever to open the gate in the middle through which you can get into the [Breath of Hades] level.
If you've used the wrong lever (left or middle), you have to get through the traps in the cellar. Guide through the Traps

Winter (Water)

And again run to the triggers in the middle. Now it's time to step onto the Waves Symbol to open the next three doors. Here you will find the correct lever behind the left door. - Again the second door is bearing the waves symbol as an indication of where you have to go. - Use the lever and through the gate which opens in the middle passage you can reach the [Neptune's Hall].
If you did use the wrong lever (middle or right) you again will end up in the passage with traps and have to work your way up. Guide through the Traps

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