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Breath of Hades (Autumn)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Pillars in the Wind

Run towards the door which opens. Step towards the pit. If you look down you can see pillars far below. Turn right. Here you can find a wall panel that can be pushed. In the hidden chamber behind you can find Ammo and a lever. Use it to open a gate and to elevate the pillars in the pit. Return to the pit. Watch the swaying pillars and the wind coming from the statues. You have to time your jumps with the wind. There are a couple of ways to reach the other side, I will describe the road I have taken. First you have to jump from the stairs onto the first pillar in the middle. From here I would jump onto the second pillar to your right. With a standing jump you have to continue onto the next pillar at the stairs. The last jump is very easy: Jump towards the stoneplatform and grab the ledge.

Wind Crystal

Run up the stairs. Collect the Wind Crystal. Return to the pit, the wind has now stopped. Jump onto the second pillar on the right and from there towards the next. The statue moves back and there you can find some goodies. Jump back onto the pillar where you came from. Continue from there towards the exit. Run back up to the door to return to the Hall of Seasons.
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