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St. Aicards Graveyard (Bernard)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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You came through the brown door. In the greenery to the left you can collect a Small Medipack.

Here I encountered another strange bug for the first time. You might also meet it at other spots earlier or later throughout the game. I approached that item with my back towards the right wall - behind it is the passage where the VPacker Ammo is. When I saw the hand symbol and pressed action, Lara walked backwards, right through the wall, towards the VPacker Ammo and picked it up. You can get back if you turn around on the spot and press Action again. In my case Lara then went back through the wall and collected the Medipack.

Now run into the other direction. On your way note the crypt on the left underneath a balcony, we will return to that later. Around the corner you will meet a dog. Kill him. When you move quickly you can do that without a gun. Behind the last crypt on the right you can find Health Bandages. Run a few steps back till you reach the little chapel. Right of it is a crypt you can climb onto. You can see this in the picture. From there you can jump onto the roof of the bigger crypt. Then onto the other bigger crypt on the other side.

On the ledge above your head you can spot a Chocolate Bar. You can jump up there from the crypt you are on. - You an see the spot in the upper left corner of the picture - Jump back onto the crypt when you've collected the goody.

Now jump over the fence on the right onto a lower crypt.

Power Up and Statue

Drop down to the ground. Now examine the nearby crypt. You can open the door of it and Lara will get the next Power Up! (upper body strength) Inside you will find Ammo. In this fenced area you can also see a statue. You can push it to open the level exit, but I will come to that after the goodies.

First you have to get out again, where you will find more goodies now that you are stronger. Climb back onto the crypt and jump over the fence onto the bigger crypt. Nearby on the left you will find another fenced crypt. Jump over the fence from one of the neighbouring crypts. Open the door to find Ammo and Health Bandages. After collecting them climb back onto the crypt and jump back over the fence. Another dog is now in the graveyard.

Now climb onto the crypt underneath the balcony which I pointed out earlier on. With a sideflip you can make it over the fence into the yard behind. (Many thanks to Heide Holland for pointing out to me that this jump is actually possible. The right picture shows you how to do it. I have another Screenshot showing you the exact start position.) In the yard you will find a door you can now open. In the passage you can collect V-Packer Ammo. Return to the yard and find the drainpipe in the far left corner. Climb up. At the top you have to shimmy right to reach a ledge with a cable. Climb along the cable to the other side. Follow the balcony to it's end and carefully drop back onto the crypt.

Now climb back towards the fenced area where you found the power up.

Back there run towards the statue. Climb onto the ledge behind the statue and push it forwards. It will fall onto the crypt in front and open up a passage. Jump into the opening to make your way towards Bouchard's Hideout.

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