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Parisian Ghetto after Serpent Rouge (Pierre)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

Ladders Down

Your first task is to find a way down. Climb down the first ladder. From here drop down onto the next level. Run down the stairs till you reach the edge. Grab the ledge and drop safely down onto the road.

Bouchard's Hideout - Goodies

You are now back in the little street by the Serpent Rouge - Rue de Clef, where you entered with Pierre's key. Find the manhole and open it. You are now in the sewerage. At the end is a locked gate. Follow the other path to a crossing. The passage on the left will lead to another manhole. Run into the right passage to come to a deep shaft. Go to the edge on the right side. On the right the wall is damaged. Hang from the edge and shimmy sideways to reach that damaged part. Climb down. Climb into the passage you will find there. Inside you can collect a Diamond Ring. Climb back up and back onto the platform. Take a running jump to the opposite side and collect the Desert Ranger Ammo. Then climb up the ladder. Here you will find a door you can finally open with the Power up you got in the Serpent Rouge. When I tried this before - even with the powerup from the church it wouldn't work. Collect the Large Medipack. Run along the passage and step out into the chamber. At the end of the walkway you can collect more Euros. Return to the ladder and climb back down. Take a running jump back to the other side.

Now follow the fourth passage to a chamber with crates. Climb unto the crate underneath the damaged part of the wall. From there climb up the wall. At the top climb over onto the wooden platform on the right. Turn towards the left and jump onto the wooden platform there. Hang from the ledge at the right wall and shimmy to the right to reach the entrance. If you have any doubt look at the picture. Click to see full size image. Crawl through the gap. In the next chamber climb up into the passage and crawl further along. You will return to a part of the ghetto. Collect 2 Packs of Desert Ranger Ammo, 2 bundles of Euros and some V-Packer Ammo. Then open the door and run up the stairs to return to the park.

Rennes Pawnshop

You can now exchange all your pickups, which cannot be used later, at Rennes Pawnshop. You should do that before entering the Graveyard, as there is no way back and things might be different when coming back from Bouchard. Run toward the "Cours La Seigne". At the right end, not where the truck is parked, you will come to a barrier. On the right side before that is a door. Step through to enter Rennes Pawnshop. Talk to him. Here are the sentences you can pick in the dialogue:
    • But you can keep your mouth shut?
    • How concerned are you with legal niceties?

Both sentences are ok to ask. In the dialogue you can then pick items from the inventory and offer them to Rennes who will give you money for it. Just choose items and confirm everything. In the pc version you have to use the Stealth Button.

You can exchange everything. All these things won't be needed later on. This is a good opportunity to clear out your inventory. Afterwards leave the Pawnshop and return to the street.

Delivering the Little Chest

Now that you have the little chest from the Serpent Rouge it's time to deliver it to Pierre in the Cafe Metro. You should know how to get there by now. If you want to be mean to Pierre you can also ignore him and go towards the guy guarding the entrance to the graveyard. Give him the chest and 800 Euro and he will let you in. In that case you have to pick up Bernard's Graveyard Walkthrough. Pierre will tell you that the guy who was sitting in the corner earlier on (Kurtis) has asked him about Bouchard as well. Then he will talk about his Ex Girlfriend. She knows a secret passage to Bouchard's Hideout. Pierre will tell you where you can meet her. "Francine: 17 Rue Dominique, Code 15328" Get outside again and run down the Rue Dominique till you reach Number 17. Enter your code, 15328 at the numberpad. The you can manually open the door. Step inside and run up the stairs on the right. Open the next door to get to Francine's.

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