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Strahov Fortress

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Moving Containers

You are now in a large warehouse with huge containers. In your bagpack you have the Low Security Access Card. Soon we will need a better one! Ener the opened container at the other end of the hall. Here you will find a large Medipack. If you approach the large gate, the crane will start moving. It will pick up the container on top of the stack, leaving only two containers. From the single container next to the stack you can now reach the top one and climb up. Hurry up, and from the top of the stack take a running jump to the container at the crane. It will stop for a short time. Pull up. Moments later Lara will say that the guards might notice you. You can try hanging from the other side of the container, so they wont notice you.

or: Climbing

Alternatively or if the container is gone, you can take another route. Note the pipes at the wall? From the top of the stack you can take a running jump to the metal box and from there shimmy along the pipe to reach the top walkway. If you are uncertain, take a look at the two Screenshots made by cyody from our forum. He is also the one who first came up with this route. Climb down into the next hall.


When you reach ground level you have to be careful, there are a lot of guards around. I have tried sneaking around several times, around the containers, creeping over the container, but I was discovered always immediately. Thus I suggest the use of the Viper SMG. The three guards will leave you some Ammo and another Low Security Access Card.

Into the Next Hall

Now you have to climb up (again). There are several ways to get up. Since this shouldn't be too difficult, I will only mention one path: Climbs onto the large stack right beside the gate with the little guardhouse. From there you can jump to the railing and pull up. Climb up to the left. Run along the upper walkway, to the end and open the door there. With your security card you can also open the next door.

Control for the Magnet

Step through the door. On the walkway up here you will meet two guys with gas masks. Kill them and collect their Ammo. Run to the other end. On the left you can see a ladder leading up. Look at it from some distance. In the chamber above is a badguy. Shoot him from here down. Then climb up this ladder. Collect the Mag Vega. Then flip the switch at the control panel. In the other hall the little magnet control house has been powered up. Climb down again. You cannot climb down the other ladder, since the automatic machine guns would kill you. Instead go looking for the ladder that leads up. Climb up and at the top run to the left. Run down the stairs to reach the Magnet Control. Use the magnet to destroy the automatic machine guns. Run back to the ladder and climb down again. Now go to the ladder leading further down and climb down. Run towards the green gate and open the door.

Movable Crates

In the next hall you find a concrete semi-circle in the middle. On the left you will find an electrified door. Stay away from it. In the room at the back you will find a passage on the right which is blocked by electricity and lasers. So stay away from it as well. Run to the area at the beginning on the right. There you will find a high pile of crates, on some are the letters "Turkey". So they already got the Nephilim!? Behind the fence a dog lurks, you an shoot it from this side. Then you must use the two single crates to reach the top one. You have to push the crate on top of the stack to increase your strength. Power Up! (upper body strength). To get there you have to push the two crates back and forth. Important: You can not only stand on a full crate, but also on a narrow gap, to push another crate. Cyody has made some further Screenshots to demonstrate what you have to do.

Fence and Gas

When you have moved the crate you cannot use it to jump over the fence yet, since the gas would kill you. So instead we are going to put our powerup to use. Follow the left pipe to the end. There you can a box just below the ceiling and on top of it is a wheel. Unfortunately too highly up. In the proximity, on the left side, you can find a stack of two crates. With the powerup you will be able to move these. Push and pull it to a spot underneath the box and use it to climb up. Climb on top of the box and use the wheel to turn off the gas. Now you have to get down again and climb back onto the stack of crates by the fence. From the upper crate jump over the fence. If you haven't killed the dog yet, do so now.

Behind the fence

Here you will also meet a second dog you have to kill. Run to the left and climb up the ladder there. Activate the saw. This will destroy a ventilation shaft. Look upward, there you can see a metal bar. Jump up to the bar and pull yourself onto it. Run to the right. On your way climb over the two timber beams. From the second timber beam you can jump onto the left part of the ventilation shaft. Hang down from the front side. Öet go and then grab the lower ledge. Pull in. Crawl forwards will you reach the hole in the ground. Lower yourself down.

Movie Sequence

You can see Gunderson who has caught our reporter friend, Luddick. What was he doing here anyway? Didn't he say that it was too dangerous for him? And he was so right. Eckhardt eliminates him his way. Did you notice, that Lara was wearing shorts in this movie?

Passage with Traps

Crawl further along through the shaft. At the end you an drop down into the storage hall. You are now on the other side of the laser traps. The passage before it on the left is electrified. Look at the cable reel to your right on the opposite wall. Besides it is a red bottle. Shoot at this till it explodes. The cable reel will then roll along the passage and trigger most of the traps. An armed guard enters from the chamber on the right. Kill him. You can sneak up to him, here this worked very well, when he stands on the left looking at the wall. He loses a High Security Access Card. After doing that get back out and to the lasers. Snatch the Mag Vega from the shelf on the right. Then return to the room where you killed the guard.

Turning off the Power

Run up the stairs and open the door. Now you have to hurry. Use the Mag Vega you just got to eliminate the 3 guys in there. Collect their Ammo and then search the cabinets on the left and the right to find more ammo. Run into the chamber at the back, which seems to be a cafeteria. On the first table you will find further Ammo and on the second a chocolate bar. Then return to the control desk. Lara looks at the map of the building. She compares it with her map and than decides tha it is a long journey to the bio dome, unless she switches off the power, which she then does. We can see that a monster is released somewhere else. It kills one of the guards.

Luddicks Chamber

We have to continue on our journey. Open the door with your card again and step back outside. Now run into the passage which was previously blocked by electricity. Here is a another door, which you can open with the security car. This is the chamber with the reporter. On the bed you can pick up another Scorpion X. In the cabinet you can find bandages. With this in your bagback get back outside.

Previously electrified Door

Now you have to get through the passage with the laser traps. Get down onto the ground, and press stealth mode to lie flat on the ground. Hopefully you have used the cable reel to trigger some of the traps earlier. There might be some explosives left over so be careful when you crawl along on your belly and avoid them as good as you can. At the other side you have to run back to the left. On your right is now the door which you couldn't open earlier on. It is safe to open it now. Use the card to unlock the door. It opens. Steps through into the bio research lab.

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