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Sanctuary of the Flame (Summer)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Lava and Fire

Run through the opening door. Yes, it's as bad as it looks. You are in a room full of lava and fire. And there are only a few safe platforms on your way to the other side and half of them will disapper. Wait till the wave of fire has gone by. See Picture. Make your way down and past the eruptions. Be careful not to fall into any pit. Careful some of the darker pillars will give way.

Patch to the other side

You now have to get to the other side. The path is quite clear. Watch the darker pillars and any that are moving up or down. You can rest on some of the lighter ones. If the pillar you are on starts to sink or rise, hurry to get onto the next. If you cannot make it to the other side without help, look at my Series of Screenshots.

Fire Crystal

At the end jump towards the stairs and run up. At the gate you can collect the Fire Crystal. Run back towards the lava. There you will find some floating platforms.

On the left you can see two floating platforms. Step towards the edge and walk down the first steps. Jump towards the first platform. From here you can jump up towards the second and climb up onto it. From here you have to take a running jump towards the alcove in the wall. Grab the ledge and pull up. Here you will find some Health Bandages and Ammo. Walk out onto the platform by the alcove. From here you can jump back onto the stairs.

Way Back

From the stairs jump onto the right of the two remaining blocks. From here you can take a running jump to the left block. Make sure the upper platforms are already there. These will appear and disappear the whole time. With a running jump you can reach the floating platforms on the left. With a standing jump you can get down to the left to a pillar and a floating platform. In a short while a couple of platforms will appear here if they aren't there already. Careful on the podest you might get hit by fire bolts. Careful the next platform will emit a fire fountain from time to time. Jump up when the fire fountain goes out. With a running jump you can reach a remaining block on the right which will sink when you step onto it. From here you can jump onto the safe ground. Run up to the exit. Here you can get back to the Hall of Seasons. Summer is done.

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