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Fight in the Church

Like I said in the walkthrough, this fight is a bit unpredictable. However there are a few tricks.

When I first tried to find a system I thought getting the power up had something to do with it. But this was wrong as I found out quite soon.

Then a visitor of my page, thank you Dagmar, told me that the door through which you enter might have something to do with it.

When she entered through the left door Carl would win and when she entered through the right Zak would win. (5 tries)

So I tried this and it was the other way around. When I came through the left door Zak would win, did I pick the right Carl would win. (5 tries)

So I first through maybe she had mixed them up. I quit the game. After restarting I tried again and I got the same result as her, the opposite from which I got earlier.

If you have tried it once you can say who will win when you try again as long as you do not restart the game.

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