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Monstrum Crimescene

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Arrival in Prague

Lara arrives with the car that she's stolen from the killer in Prague. The streets of Prague are covered with snow. Take a look around. The building on the right has been locked down by the police. Behind the building you will meet a guy and his dog. There you will also find a locked manhole. Take a look around there and shoot a second guy. Then return to the place in front of the building.

The reporter

On the left side is a parked car. There you will meet a reporter. His name is Luddick. Ask him a few questions. He tells you that apparently Vasiley had something to do with the Mafia. He was killed by the monster. He tells you that all prove has been brought to the Strahov. Luddick shws Lara pictures of a guy, who arrived recently, Bouchard. Convince Luddick to help you to get into the Strahov. But don't be impolite and stay on topic. He tells you that he can get access codes for you in a half hour.

Duct cover

Now get out your guns and run behind the building behind the red car. Kill the guy there and collect the hammer. Then return to the road.

Run to the opposite side where a snow covered car is parked. You can open the lock at the duct with the hammer you've just collected. Then open the trapdoor and climb down. Climb down the ladder and run into the passage to find a small Medipack. Climb back up and return outside.


Now run behind Vasiley's house and open the duct cover there as well. Drop down. You might perhaps notice that you cannot get up again here. Run along the passage to the water. Turn to the right. Here you will find three further passages, the one opposite and the rear one on this side are empty. Climb through the opening in the wall.

Vasiley's house

The cellar of the house is totally devastated. Seems we are on the right path. Run up the stairs. Lara isn't strong enough to open the red door on the right. Turn to the left and run further up the stairs. Run out into the next passage. The first door on the right is locked. Keep running. You will meet an old friend.

Meeting with Bouchard again

In the next room you will meet Bouchard. He will answer some of your questions and fill you in on the latest news. He tells Lara of the Cabal, which are obviously the guys behind all this. He sais that Von Croy and Vasiley had spoken to each other and that they both knew too much, that's why they were killed. Further he tells you that Von Croy had only 4 of the obscura engravings, Vasiley kept the fifth. The engravings lead to the places where the real paintings are hidden. As Bouchard what Eckhardt does to the corpses. (If you aks what wants Eckhardt with the paintings, Bouchard will not mention it.) Apparently Eckhardt needs some body parts to revive the Nephilim - horrible, I know. The fifth painting is assumed to be somewhere under the Strahov building, in a cavern, where once the Lux Veritatis had their last temple. But for now Lara should leave Bouchard and have a further look around.

Inside the house

Now go through the wooden door into the large hall inside the house. Vasiley has a couple of paintings at the wall, but naturally not the fifth engraving, that would be too simple. Run up the spiral stairs, in order to come to the library. Run over to the other side. At the end you can push a little chest to gain another Power Up! (upper body strength). Run back to the other side, where you can climb onto the scaffold. Climb up onto the second level. Continue onto the next scaffold hanging from the ceiling. Turn to the right, to the large window and take a running jump to the scaffold there. Here you will find a chain you can pull. Do this twice to open a clock in the hall below. On the floor is a picture of a clock which shows 3 o'clock. Take a running jump onto the scaffold on the other side of the window. There is also a chain. Pull it four times to move a cabinet downstairs. You can also pull the two chains the other way around, however you have to pull the first chain twice and the second four times. Climb back down and run down the spiral staircase. Run towards the opened cabinet and collect the small Medipack inside. Then run to the clock. Do you remember? 3 o'clock! Press action and adjust the clock by using the directional keys to 3 o'clock. The large clock on the floor transforms into a set of stairs.

The fifth engraving

Run down the stairs. There you will find some showcases you should take a look at. The first on the left tells you something about the crystal shards. On the right Lara reads a latin inscription. In the second showcase on the left you learn something about the last Nephilim, which is allegedly buried in Turkey. Run to the desk and pick up the fax that lies in front. It is a message to Carvier and contains the password: 31597. Perfect! Run to the wall behind the desk, where a number pad is. Enter the number there. The large wall painting opens and reveals a hidden alcove. Inside you will find the fifth engraving. Pick it up and then run up the stairs again. Leave the area through the door, where you came in.

Escape through the cellar

Naturally Bouchard, the bastard, is already gone. Whatever, not our problem any more. Run back into the corridor. The next door opens. Ah, there he is, or better was. He didn't get far. Collect his Cellar Key. Otherwise the closet is empty. So run back down into the cellar. Now you can open the red door. You will get back outside. If you looked around carefully earlier on you should know where you are. Run up the stairs.

Access code

Guess who is waiting here for us? Our reporter friend. He demands an exclusive story and 800 Euros for the access codes and a MP. He will take Lara to the Strahov.

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